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Importance of Travel Insurance  and Why you should get one - Karla Around the World
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Importance of Travel Insurance  and Why you should get one

Malayan Travel Insurance

Travel insurance in the Philippines is one of the most important travel must-haves, but it’s also one of the most neglected. This is sad, because so many of the headaches of travel can be eliminated just by having a trusty insurance plan by your side.

It’s true that travel by air is the safest among the common means of travel, and in the age of modern technology a plane crash is very unlikely. This may be the main reason why people think of insurance as an unnecessary expense. If no harm is going to befall you, why take out an insurance in the first place? The thing is, travel insurance isn’t just for bodily harm. It can also cover lost or damaged belongings.

I have travelled extensively around the world and have gone through various adventures, as documented here in my blog. What I don’t usually highlight are the several times when travel insurance could have saved the day. I ended up regretting my decision not to take out a policy before I left! Here’s some of the recent times this happened:

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1. Earlier this year, I got sick during a trip. I’ve always had good stamina and I felt like I wouldn’t get sick during such a time, but the unexpected happened. When I got home, I needed to be brought into the ER — it was that bad. I was pretty lucky to have been  in the first place, but what if I wasn’t?


The sadder part? We were told that since I got sick overseas, travel insurance would have saved me from paying more on my bills!

2. Earlier this year, my brother had an accident while travelling in Siargao. It was a big one, even made it to the news. It would have helped with the expenses if he had travel insurance at the time.


3. Here’s something not many people know — many problems with airlines can also be resolved with a travel insurance policy! That ranges from travel delays to airline mishaps. In the Kerala Blog Express tour, the airliner lost my friend’s bag. Travel insurance would have made short work of reimbursing the lost amount.

With @gretatravels in Munnar tea Plantation

4. In Europe, I had my phone stolen. While insurance can’t reimburse me for the priceless pics in that phone’s memory, I could have gotten the money spent for it back! so it’s best to book a Travel Insurance Schengen Visa

Cordoba Spain

Malayan Insurance: Making travel insurance easier

Another roadblock in getting travel insurance is the perception that it’s a complicated process. Malayan Insurance seeks to remedy this. They’re among the top providers of travel health insurance in the Philippines, and their Travel Master policy has a comprehensive coverage suited to everyone from globe trekkers to weekend vacationists.

We’ve had the services of Malayan Insurance Company in the Philippines since 1930, so we can be assured that they provide excellent service. I’ve also personally tried Malayan, and I love the fact that you can purchase it online, literally one day before your trip! It’s that easy and convenient, there’s no reason not to take a policy with you wherever you go. In fact, I just purchased one for my upcoming trip this weekend to Laos.

So the next time you book your tickets, take a few minutes to check out Malayan’s Travel Master. It’s worth it!

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