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Why Do You Need A Washing Machine With A Hygiene+ Feature?

Beko Washing Machine

In these challenging times, having a healthier and more efficient lifestyle is important. Though discouraged, many people still go out, whether they like it or not, to make a living or get a hold of necessities. 

For whatever reason you go outdoors, you must always take extreme precautions to keep yourself and your family safe. But going out means getting yourself and your clothes exposed. Are you confident about the way you launder your clothes? After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Luckily, there is a new product that can certainly help lessen your worries about germs staying on your clothes–and not just that. The latest model of the washing machine by Beko Pilipinas Corporation comes with a new feature called Hygiene+. This new technology will allow you to not only keep your clothes clean z but also prevent it from getting ruined. 

Are you not convinced yet? Below are a few more reasons to hop on to this revolutionary way of washing your clothes.

Lengthens the Life of your Clothes

Do you have a default outfit or own a favorite shirt that you always wear despite having so many other options and pieces in your wardrobe? Washing them over and over can actually cause them to deteriorate in quality. And no one wants that! I myself cannot live without my go-to white shirt and jeans which I can repeatedly wear for convenience and not have to worry about not looking put together.

You might unknowingly have this problem of damaging your clothes’ fabric when you wash them with a high temperature because it causes a lot of corrosion. Doing this for several more times will gradually shorten their life. 

Meanwhile, if you wash them with only very low temperatures, you can preserve your clothes’ lifetime. But then, lowering the temperature will give you no assurance that 100 percent of the bacteria is eliminated. 

Don’t you just wish there is a middle ground and not compromise either garment care or safety?

Well, you’re in luck because there is a recently developed washing technology: a hygiene washing program at 20 degrees, free from any bacteria. This is exactly what you get from Beko’s washing machine with a Hygiene+ feature, and if you have yourself this, you will never have to fret about leftover bacteria and your beloved garments getting damaged.

Your Partner against Germs 

Although the virus stays longer on smooth and hard surfaces, it can still stay on soft materials like clothing for a while. How many times do you touch your clothes and then your face in a day? It probably is more than you think. 

Having a separate laundry basket for those who go out and those who always stay home is important to prevent the virus’s unnecessary spread. As for the pile of clothes with a higher chance of being contaminated, twice the amount of care and cleansing might be your initial thought of dealing with it.

However, using a washing machine with a hygiene+ feature is all you need to kill those nasty germs stuck on your clothes’ surfaces. With this, you can go ahead and use your cloth face mask over how many times you like, and it will stay clean and intact.

With all that said, you should really consider stepping up your laundry game, especially in this time of uncertainty. This will surely be a good investment and help you save more money in the long run, since you do not have to double wash your clothes or buy new ones because they get damaged. Make your life easier and buy a washing machine with a hygiene+ feature by Beko today.

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