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Where to stay in Kazbegi for all Budgets

Where to stay in Stepsamindaa


Kazebegi  is strategically located at the northern part of the country, it also has features—the majestic mountains, calm lakes, and Celtic architectures—that both tourists and locals could not resist but love. It is abundant with sceneries that depict natural majesty such as the famous Jinvali Lake and icy slopes of Gudauri. And it showcases complicated craftsmanship as portrayed in their Gergeti Trinity Church and Ananuri Fortified Castle Ensemble. Indeed, Kazbegi is the true beauty of Georgia. (Know more about travel destinations in Kazbegi including hikes and complete guides for your tour in Kazbegi.)

Kazbegi is gorgeous on its own. But you can further enjoy its ambiance by picking a place to stay in the town which will give you more remarkable experience. As a traveler, you do not want to enjoy Kazbegi during your tour, but also after years of creating that memory. Thus, you would want to stay at a place that is both comfortable and aesthetically appealing and unique. That also means finding a place that is “instagrammable.”

In this article, know what hotels, rooms or guesthouses in Kazbegi is the best for you, may you be a budget, mid-range, or luxury traveler.

The price accommodation deals in this article are based on the rates found in Pictures are also taken from the site.

Budget Travelers

  1. Camp at Kuro 

Location: Kazbegi, Stepantsminda, 0159 Kazbegi, Georgia.

Price: Php 698 for tent, Php 2,106 for double room

If you are into a camping vibe, this place is the best for you. You can stay for two nights (two adults) in a Double room twin bed for just Php 2,106 if you booked via The lowest price they offer is Php 698 for a tent, but staying in a Double room is safer and has wake-up service.

Camp Kuro at Kazbegi Picture from Camp at Kuro Official Facebook page[/caption]

The place allows you a good morning and night view—in the morning, with the beautiful snowy mountains, and at night, camp fire and lightings. Its best feature is its night bonfire, live music and side-bar. It offers free wifi, free parking, good breakfast and is pet friendly, too.

 2.The White House (check rates and availability)

Location: Baratashvilis 14, 4700 Kazvegi, Georgia

Price: Php 698 for dorm (1 person),

Imagine drinking coffee and staying cozy while appreciating the snowy mountains of Kazbegi. That is what you’ll actually experience with staying at The White House. It is a guest house with nice mountain and landmark view. You can either choose to stay at a dorm, or a private room. Both are fine, but it is highly recommended to just go with the private room instead for the mountain view. The lowest price they offer is Php 698 for a dormitory room for one person. They also have family rooms, and private rooms.

Just like Camp at Kuro, the White House offers free wifi and parking for guests. There are free breakfasts, too. You can use washing machine, toilets, kitchen, and other things you need in your stay. All for free (but shared).

3.Nino and Zurabi Guest House (check rates and availability)

Location: Kostava Street N9 Stephantsminda, 4700 Kkazbegi, Georgia

Price: Php 2,095

Skiing is one of the most famous activities in Kazbegi. If you are up for the adventure, Nino and Zurabi Guest House will open doors to you for that. This place is popular for skiing and hiking which allows you to have a ski pass sales points. It also has other facilities such as the garden and a porch all can access.

Where to stay in Kazbegi
(Picture from

They offer Php 2,095 for two-person stay with an attached bathroom, free wifi and two twin beds. On top of that, they have ATM for guests, so you can withdraw and exchange for a GEL if running short.

Owners do not speak English, but they are very helpful and kind.

4.Guest House Elguja Qushashvili  (check rates and availability)

Location: Marjanishvili Street 15, 4700 Kazbegi, Georgia.

Price: Php 1,921

Expect to see the mountains when you checked in at Elguja Qushashvili’s guest house. Not just that, you can also have a view of the city at their terrace, which you can freely access. Their large double room costs Php 1,921 for two persons at a two-night stay (king sized bed).

Where to stay in Kazbegi

The place is near the Vasili Supermarket, Khevi Restaurant and Shorenas Kafe Café Bar.

5.GK Hotel (check rates and availability)

Location: Важа пшавела 72 Гостиница., 4700 Kazbegi, Georgia

Price: Php 2,445

The place is a 5-minute walk from the center of Kazbegi. For me, it is one of the best options and worth the price since the room is nicely equipped with the things you need, has a flat-screen TV, private bathroom, and just inside the town proper. It also offers free wifi, free parking, and airport shuttle. Plus, it is pet friendly.

Where to stay in Kazbegi

What’s more likable about the place is its cozy design and mountain view. It is like checking in to remarkable resorts in our country, it is really homey from the inside. But when you go outside, you’ll see the mighty mountains of Kazbegi. Chairs are set on the terrace so you can enjoy the view at sunrise and sunset.

Where to stay in Kazbegi

Mid-ranged Travelers (Php 2,800 to Php 5,700)

6.Hilltop Kazbegi (check rates and availability)

Location: 7 Tbilisi St, 4700 Kazbegi, Georgia

Price: Php 4, 889 for a Twin Room w/ Balcony (2 persons); Php 5,588 for Triple Room w/ Mountain View (3 persons) both for two-night stay

To have an instant good mood, it is a necessity to wake up every morning with a picturesque view. You can embrace all of that when staying at the twin room with a balcony in Hilltop Kazbegi. Its soothing ambiance is brought by its simple, yet, elegant layout and color contrasts.

Where to stay in Kazbegi
(Pictures from

Every room comes with a private bathroom, a tea/coffee maker, and free wifi. They can also access free parking but with an additional charge. Moreover, they can speak English, which will make it easier for you to transact.

Where to stay in Kazbegi
(Pictures from

The place is near Market Ska and Café 5048. You can also have a couple of minutes walk to reach the Terek River. For several kilometers away, you can also reach destinations such as Gergeti mountain, Gveleti Lake and Kobi Ski Lifter.

7.Alpenhaus B&B  (check rates and availability)

Location: Marjanishvili Street 28, 4700 Kazbegi, Georgia

Prices: Php 3, 248 (solo), Php 4, 016 (2 persons), Php 4,016 (3 persons), Php 5,238 (4 persons)

Alpenhouse Kazbegi
Pictures from

Alpenhaus is located right at the bottom of the mountains which has spectacular panoramic views of Gergeti Trinity Church and Mkinvartsveri. It is the closest mid-range hotel to the mountains. Rooms makes you see the city, mountains, landmarks, river, lake and the garden. It offers free wifi, free parking, and a good breakfast. There is also a bar inside, so you can have a me-time or bond with friends there.

Alpenhouse Kazbegi
Pictures from

8. Geo Inn (check rates and availability)

Location: Ilia II street 28, 4700 Kazbegi, Georgia

Prices: Php 2,881 (solo), Php 3,667 (2 persons), Php 4,453 (3 persons), Php 5,238 (4 persons)

Where to stay in Kazbegi

Enjoy a quadruple room with a bathroom for as low as Php 2,881 when you book in Geo Inn. The facility is just near Mountain Elia, but it is also a best place to spend the night with if planning to visit places such as the Trinity Church and the Kazbek Glacier Jungle.

Where to stay in Kazbegi

Rooms are equipped with heater, hairdryer, cleaning products, and other equipment you need in toilets and in the kitchen.

Geo Inn is near Market Ska, Café Mada and Green Sheep (restaurant).

9. Four Season in Kazbegi (check rates and availability)

Location: Vazha Pshavela 18, 4700 Kazbegi, Georgia

Prices: Php 3,667 (2 persons), Php 4,715 (3 persons)—twin beds

            Php 4,540 (2 persons)—1 queen bed

Another place to stay in is the Four Season In Kazbegi. Just like all the other mid-range guest houses/hotels, this inn offers free wifi and free private parking. Rooms also has private bathtub, tea/coffee maker, and equipment such as a hairdryer, to not let the weather freeze your hair. But what’s unique is, the rooms in Four Season are soundproof. Therefore, it is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the view of Kazbegi especially in the morning.

Four Seasons Kazbegi

You can enjoy a mountain view for each room, and even the city view since it is only a few minutes away from the town proper. However, unlike the rest, pets are not allowed here.

10. Hotel Gergeti (check rates and availability)

Location: 3 Khevisberi str, 4700 Kazbegi, Georgia

Prices: Php 3,492 (2 persons) – Double Room w/ Private Bathroom

            Php 4, 889 (3 persons) Triple Room w/ Private Bathroom

Be welcomed with a very nice and friendly family in Hotel Gergeti. The experience is like staying at a hotel but having the care of guest in this place. Rooms have toiletries, towels, and linens. Each room has access to the balcony and windows opens a mountainous view.

Places to stay in Kazbegi

In Hotel Gergeti, you can bring your favorite pet, enjoy free wifi and parking, and take your breakfast.

where to stay in Kazbegi

Luxury Travelers (Php 5,700 and up)

11.Porta Caucasia Kazbegi (check rates and availability)

Location: 2 Tergdaleulebi St., 4700 Kazbegi, Georgia

Prices:  Php 7,683 (solo) – Standard King Room or Twin Room w/ Back View

            Php 8,731 (solo) – Standard King Room or Twin Room with Front View

            Php 12,223 (solo) – Junior Suite with Balcony

            Php 12,398 (solo) – Deluxe King Room

            Php 9,080 (2 persons) – Standard King Room w/ Back View

            Php 10,128 (2 persons) – Standard King Room or Twin Room with Front View

            Php 12,223 (2 persons) – Triple Room

            Php 13,620 (2 persons) Junior Suite with Balcony

            Php 13,794 (2 persons) – Deluxe King Room

Every corner of Porta Caucasia Kazbegi is jaw-dropping. It has sophisticated furnitures and ornamented with elegant designs. The place itself shines like a star at night; meanwhile, the mountain view beams all over the place because of its wide glass windows.

Where to stay in Kazbegi

One of the perks of staying in Porta Caucasia, is being able to experience breakfast buffets every morning. Rooms are soundproof and has a private bathroom. Television and telephone are also installed in each rooms. There are satellite and cable channels, fans, and heaters. On top of that, rooms are soundproof.

Where to stay in Kazbegi

12. Rooms Hotel Kazbegi  (check rates and availability)

Location: V. Gorgasali Street 1, Stepantsminda , 4700 Kazbegi, Georgia

Prices:  Php 23,332 (solo) – Standard Twin Room with Mountain View

            Php 31,928 (solo) – Executive King Room with Forest View

            Php 25,175 (2 persons) – Standard Twin Room with Mountain View

            Php 33,770 (2 persons) – Executive King Room with Forest View

Experience first class service at Rooms Hotel Kazbegi either with their Standard Room with Mountain View or Executive King Room with Forest View. If Porta Caucasia is already beaming with sophistication, expect more elegance in Rooms Hotel. What makes it unique with other hotels is has a forest view. Service upon arrival and departure are exceptional, and staying secures safety and satisfaction.

Another one of a kind experience is that it has a pool and a lounge that lets you enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains.

Rooms have flat-screen TVs, telephones, slippers, mini bars, refrigerator and tools you need for grooming and staying comfy while at the place. It also offers a variety of food every morning for your breakfast. It has an on-site restaurant which serves local and European cuisine.


You will also be able to experience Georgia’s pride – the wine.

13. Hotel Sno Kazbegi (check rates and availability)

Location: Sno, 4704 Stepantsminda, Georgia

Prices:  Php 7,858 (solo or 2 persons) Standard Twin Room

            Php 13,969 (3 persons) Family Suite

Taste royalty with the artistic edifice of Hotel Sno. The place has monarch theme evident in their chandelier, golden walls and accents, and interior design. Compared to the first two luxury hotels, this place is cheaper but is competitive in terms of service.

Where to stay in Kazbegi
Pictures from

Hotel Sno has swimming pool, non-smoking rooms, and facilities for disabled guests. It also has family rooms, aside from what is mentioned in the price section. Clients can also enjoy access to the balcony and terrace, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, fan and more. The packages comes with free fabulous breakfast.

There are just so many places to stay in Kazbegi. With all these sites, we can say how proud the locals are for the given gift of natural beauty that radiates in all corners of the town, even on a winter weather. What ornaments the place the most, are the nice and approachable people of Karbegi, and Georgia as a whole.

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