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Weekend Waterslides and Beach Getaway at Aquaria Water Park and Crusoe Cabins

Aquaria Waterpark

After spending some time in Punta Fuego, we decided to check out a different part of Batangas – Calatagan, Batangas, to be exact. This is just 1.5 hours away from Club Punta Fuego ( so around 4.5 hours from Manilla)  . Aquaria Water Park is the perfect place for teambuilding, a fun getaway with family and friends or just your quiet vacation with a relaxing view of the sea.

Reasons to visit Aquaria Water Park

1. Pool and Slides

Aquaria has a variety of different pools good for all ages, heights, and swimming abilities – 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, and 6 ft. The main attraction of the water park, however, is definitely their super fun, three-storey water slide leading into the pool with a big splash.  We were there during lean season so we got to slide as much as we wanted.

2. Easy access to the Beach

 Aquaria Waterpark Calatagan Batangas

If you’d rather bury your feet into the sand and jump into the salty waters, there’s a beach nearby where you can lay out a blanket, spread on some sunscreen, and lay back to relax and watch the waters ripple across the sand – a very relaxing and chill area fitting for a Calatagan Batangas Beach Resort.

3. 360 Bar

The beach also has it’s very own bar, and instead of typical bar stools they have hanging swings! So you can swing without a care in the world and enjoy the sea breeze and sand beneath your toes while you drink.

4. Food In Aquaria

Hungry after a swim? You can grab some eats at the resort’s in-house restaurant, The Sands. You can order some binalot if you’re dining solo, or the bilao which is great for group meals – a complete assortment of Filipino by-the-sea favorites like grilled liempo, squid, red eggs, fried chicken, and more. You can eat by the beach, under the trees, or have your very own picnic or barbecue.

5. Chill at the Cabanas

The yellow benches and cabanas by the poolside make for great relaxation venues! Especially considering that the entire property has a very aesthetically pleasing design – the blue waters reflecting against the rocky structures with the background of the clear blue sky and palm trees are definitely something to marvel at while laying back on a bright yellow chair.

6. Sunset Sessions

Calatagan is famous for its stunning sunset views. Wait around from 5-6 PM for pretty yellow-orange views of the sunset in the distance, best viewed from the beach for a clear and unobstructed view.

7. Bonfires for socials and camaraderie

You can request for a bonfire on the beach too! Order some food and sit around the fire with friends and family – just right for social nights, team building activities, and overall building better camaraderie and stronger relationships.

8. Watersports

Watersports are also available by the beach. For the best experience, don’t get the gear out during the low tide – wait till the waves are a little more exciting during the high tide. You can choose between various rides like the the jetski, if you want to zoom solo through the waters, and the banana boat which is great for groups of three.

9. Sandbar Visits

Sandbar tours are also available – the little island makes itself known during the low tide season. It’s only a 15-minute boat ride away, a great place for photoshoots, looking at the sea urchins, kayaking in the mangroves and even snorkeling. Be sure to wear proper shoes because there are a lot of urchins and sea stars in the shallow water – don’t touch or pick them up, though! The boat ride costs PHP 4000 for 15 people, or PHP 400 per person.

10. Experience Night Photography

The sights of the beach especially right after sunset are amazing – great for some photography of the darkening skies and stars in the distance.

11. Full Body Massages by the shore or by the Cabins

Have a relaxing full body massage, shut your eyes while listening to the waves crash along the land. It’s available by request at your beach cabana for only PHP 500.

12. Calming walks by the beach

You can go on quiet, calming walks by the beach during the low tide in the early morning – get some exercise, and catch the pretty sunrise at the same time.

Where to stay in Calatagan Batangas

If you want to stay overnight at the Aquaria Beach Resort then a great option is the Crusoe Cabins,(check updated rates here) located in front of the beautiful Calatagan South Beach. It features 13 different cabins by the sea, divided into two categories: group cabins and family cabins. The group cabins are good for 6 persons, fitted with two bunk beds while the family cabins come equipped with a bunk bed and queen size bed good for 5 persons. We personally availed of the family cabin. The cabins are very hip and modernly designed, with pleasant paintings on the wall and red carpets to give a pop of color to the dark grey theme of the room.

As for the amenities, the rooms come with all the basic necessities and more – air conditioning, private bathrooms, minibar, flat screen television and even a porch where we spent a lot of time bonding and drinking together in the open-air, experiencing the cool wind from the sea wash over us. There’s even a hanging egg hair on the verandas where you can swing slowly, take a nap or just relax.

You can book your very own cabin stay via Crusoe Cabinswebsite.


Rates vary depending on the season of your visit, and are inclusive of full use of the property’s swimming facilities. Locker rentals and cabins have separate fees.

Peak Season

  • Weekdays
    • P600/adult
    • P300/child
  • Weekends and holidays
    • P800/adult
    • P400/child

Off Season

  • Weekdays
    • P400/adult
    • P200/child
  • Weekends and holidays
    • P600/adult
    • P300/child
  • Cabanas
    • Good for 10: PHP 1000
    • Good for 15: PHP 1500
    • Beach cabana: PHP 1200

How to Book:

To book a day tour at the Aquaria Waterpark, you can contact them via the following:

How to get there:

Private Transportation

  • Take the SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) from Manila
  • Take the Southwoods or Sta. Rosa Exit
  • Drive along the Tagaytay – Nasugbu Highway
  • Turn left at the Palico Intersection
  • Drive straight along Balayan – Calatagan
  • Keep driving straight until you pass the Calatagan Municipal Hall
  • Turn left at M. Apacible

Public Transportation

  • Ride the BSC Bus headed Tagaytay – Lian (PHP 152)
  • Drop off at 7-11 in front of Lian
  • Ride a bus going to Calatagan Public Market (PHP 30)
  • Ride a tricycle going to the Aquaria Beach Resort (PHP 150 – 200)

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