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A weekend in Jersey Shore : Cape May, Avalon and Stone Harbour


People from across the world know “Jersey Shore” as a place where one can live the high life. That is, however, due to a much-maligned reality-TV show of the same name. Little do people know that Jersey Shore actually sports a few really good tourist attractions — so long as you don’t think of settling down here.

It’s true — Jersey Shore is one of the most expensive places to be in the whole US. In Stone Harbor, for example, an average family home can sell upwards of $2 million. But if you overlook that, Stone Harbor and its neighboring town Avalon are two of the best places to be when in New Jersey’s Cape May County. Just check out the following activities you can do, to see what I mean.

  1. Dining at The Crab House. This is not just “a” crab house — it’s “the” crab house. The place has two outdoor dining spots and one indoor area. Casual and family-friendly, The Crab House offers good food paired with great views of the waterfront (especially at sunset). The prices are at par with any other place around, and there’s also a live band for entertainment. Make sure to try their fresh seafood and their steaks.The-crab-house-cape-may
  1. Harbour Square. Stone Harbour is a two-square-mile area, with a lot of unique shopping places. These are usually managed by craftsmen who are really fun to talk to — not those snob business folk who don’t care so long as you buy. And despite the many shopping areas around, some of the best are concentrated around the Harbour Square area. It’s best to shop around here especially during the end of summer, when a lot of items go on sale. Of course, don’t forget to go see a movie at the first-class Harbour Square Theater.stone-harbour-avalon
  1. Dining at Uncle Bill’s. One look at the place and you know Uncle Bill’s Pancake House is a good place to dine in. There’s a clean feeling about the place, but you won’t probably notice it as the food takes the center stage. Thousands of pancakes are served here daily, all made from fresh, quality, local produce. It would be a crime to not have breakfast here if you’re in the area.uncle-bills-pancake-avalon
  1. Biking the Shore. Biking is big in the Shore, and both tourists and locals use it as an easy way to get around town. There are several local companies that offer daily or even weekly bike rentals. If you’re too occupied to look for one, you can call them up to deliver the bike to your place of accommodation! Biking the clean Cape May air is the perfect way to spend lazy afternoons. Oh, and speaking of rentals…
  1. Soaking up the sand and sun. … A few of the bike rental companies also allow you to rent beach gear. Stone Harbor and Avalon both have great — if somewhat crowded — beaches. Time to get a tan like you see in Jersey Shore!avalon-jersey-shore

Sometimes the best places to go to are those we least expect. Who knew this place of elegant mansions would be a welcoming tourist haven? Just pack your bare necessities, and  Avalon, stone Harbour and Cape May  will take care of the rest.

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31 thoughts on “A weekend in Jersey Shore : Cape May, Avalon and Stone Harbour

  1. This looks like a great place to visit and all the food looks yummy. I would love to try that Bloody Mary.

  2. I last visited the Jersey Shore about 7-8 years ago and had a great time. It was before the television show and Hurricane Sandy, so I imagine it is a lot different now.

  3. It looks so beautiful. The food looks just tasty, and everything I’ve heard about the Jersey Shore really makes me hope I can visit at some point!

  4. Oh my goodness. The food! The food! I wish I could visit Jersey Shore tomorrow! We’ll have to make time to plan a trip there and enjoy some gastronomic delights and take in the amazing views.

  5. LOL, having never seen the TV show, I always assumed anything Jersey was the poorer cousin to everything the other side of the Hudson!

    From what you’ve shown, it’s a bit more glamourous than I ever expected!

  6. That waffle looks delicious. We will definitely visit Uncle Bill’s pancake house next time were on the Jersey Shore. Then we try to burn off those calories with a nice bike ride along the shore.

  7. wow all these delicious food! I’m a fan of seafood, would love to go there and you’re right, before this post I might not have been too interested because of the ‘Jersey Shore’ tv show haha! Thanks to this share..I change my mind!

  8. The place looks like a fun thing to do on a weekend…not too much and not too less that you get bored. I sure would love a waffle at Uncle Bill, It looks delicious. And yes, some time on the bay would be just perfect.

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