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Kerala Travel Guide : Places to Visit in Wayanad in 2 days


I’ve beens sharing my experiences about my Kerala Blog Express trip. I’ve talked to you about the houseboat in AllepeyTrivandrum,  Munnar,  Kannur. This time let me tell you about Wayanad.

Wayanad, Kerala is another great spot in the state which features lots of adrenaline-inducing activities where you can not only have fun with your friends and group members, but also take in the beautiful sights and natural features of Kerala such as caves, waterfalls, large green plains, hordes of trees.

For aspiring tourists who want to visit but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, Wayanad Resorts are very luxurious  but there are also lots of luxurious resorts and homestays situated around the area so you can rest and relax – all while taking a dip into the adventure activities in Wayanad

View from the trail of Eddakal Caves. Shot by Greta of Gretastravel

It is located among the lush, green Western Ghats mountains near the border of the state and also hosts several popular tourist destinations and hotspots such as Ooty and Mysore. We visited in the month of March, and the weather at the time was rather hot, the hottest of the entire year, to be precise bringing along cold water and a fan is a huge help during this particular season.

A great aspect of Wayanad tourist places is that it gives you a relaxing, culture-filled escape from all of the hustle and bustle surrounding the bigger, more urban, and far more crowded cities in South India. It happens to be one of the least densely populated areas in the entirety of Kerala, making it a spot where you can just meditate and relish in the silence – immerse yourself in the nature and wildlife.

Eddakal Caves with Patrick and Rai

Once we arrived at the district of Wayanad, they divided our tour group into two, the first one that would first set off to visit the Edakkal Caves, and the other which would prepare to go rappelling.

Our group ended up visiting the Edakkal Caves first. We were told that normally, you need to trek for quite a while in order to get to your destination but because there was a trek ban during the time we visited – something having to do with forest fires in the area – we were instead made to take the jeep. We were driven close enough to the Caves – as close as was allowed, and afterwards all that was left for us to do was walk to our final location – the walk to the Edakkal Caves took us around 20 minutes or so.


History of Wayanad:


Endless awesome views from the trail going to the Eddakal Caves

The Wayanad district is one of the most interesting places to visit in Kerala – not only is it filled with lots of nature and greenery, but it is also a very historical spot. The forests in this area have been inhabited for thousands of years, leaving lots of evidence on the early settlers as well as some interesting archeology – so if you’re interested in that sort of thing, the Wayanad district is a goldmine.


Tea Plantations near the incline towards Eddakal Caves

Things to Do in Wayanad:

  1. Edakkal Cave

    Eddakal Caves
    Kerala Bloggers hanging out in the Eddakal Caves

    Our group had the opportunity to go to the Edakkal Caves first after we were divided. These aren’t just your usual caves, they’re rich with history and traces of the past people and civilisations in Kerala, India. These caves are found quite up high – 1200 m above sea level high, to be exact. As mentioned earlier, getting to this attraction usually takes a long trek through Ambukutty Mala, but because of the trekking ban it only took us a jeep drive as well as around twenty minutes of hiking. See, I told you there are a lot of adventure activities in Wayanad. If you want to head all the way up here with your feet and your feet early – better make sure you pack the supplies you need so that you don’t lag behind or get tired.

    Adventure activities in Wayanad— Hiking steep trails

At the Edakkal Caves, you’re in for a historical treat. The caves are lathered with paintings dating from as old as 6000 B.C-          there are all sorts of works, ranging from images to mammals, humans, various symbols and even more.

Another interesting piece of trivia about the caves is that it is the only known location in the entirety of India which has stone age carvings – many legends and theories have been planted about the origin of all of these interesting artworks. However, it was upsetting and sad to see that the walls – a symbol of culture for Keralans and Indians in general – had some signs of vandalism on it.

The visiting times for the Edakkal Cave are from 9:30 AM in the morning to 4:30 PM in the afternoon.


  1. Bamboo Rafting

    Bamboo Rafting in Wayanad with Muddy Boots. Shot by Kerala Tourism/ Shan

    Another exciting activity we experienced in my Wayanad things to do list was Bamboo Rafting. The path we walked leading to the rafts was relatively easy to navigate – and the path was really pretty too, filled with nature and some small animals native to the location.

I even tried my hand at navigating the raft myself – it was quite difficult, honestly, but the workers made it all look so easily. We were four people in each bamboo raft and it was fun – the atmosphere and aura of the entire 2.5 km ride was calm and serene. It’s also perfect for sunset views – the light from the sky reflects upon the water making for scenery so incredible you’ll be tempted to snap a picture or two.


  1. Rapelling

    Rapelling in Wayanad with Muddy Boots

Of course, when they asked if we were going to do this I was in for it. I did others that were higher and really exciting – the rappelling activities and courses were even simple enough that a first-timer or beginner could do it.

Our rappelling activity was the greatest part about rappelling was seeing the view of the entire place from the top – it was covered in lush green trees and was definitely a sight you can stop and stare at for a little while. Even those who are scared of heights will be comforted by the beautiful sights.


Overall, this was a really fun activity. There is however a pretty steep part, so although it was easy, you still need to hold onto the rope in order to do it properly. The jump off point, at the very top of the repelling board, was like my playground. The view, as mentioned earlier, was amazing and there were so many different things to photograph – from the sky, the trees, to birds and even the people watching you down below. It was really lovely, being in and being surrounded by the nature of the relatively untouched Wayanad District.



Wayanad Resorts:


Vythri Village:

 If you’re looking for a place to stay while you’re touring around Wayanad District, Kerala, then the beautiful Vythri Village is a spot you definitely shouldn’t overlook. It is a five-star resort with an ambience and facilities to match.

The atmosphere at this village is incredibly relaxing – full of various native plants, fresh, clean area up in the high altitudes, and many different amenities for your use and luxury. These amenities include not just luxurious deluxe rooms, but also indoor and outdoor activities such as sightseeing, trekking, spas, health clubs, huts made out of bamboo, and more. You won’t even have to leave the village to get a full vacation’s worth of activities and fun.

The entire village is also very large, spanning over 20 acres. Some added features are relaxing indoor pools inside the rooms, a lovely garden set up, man-made waterfalls and an amazing swimming pool – one that gives you a picture perfect view of the nature-filled surroundings around the perimeter of the village.

The ambience around the pool was so relaxing, we even had dinner by there.

For more information about the Vythri Village, or if you have any other inquires, refer to the contact information and addresses listed down below:


Address: Nh-212 | near Vythiri Town, Vythiri 673576, India

Phone number: 00 91 4936 256 716

Hotel website:

Book Now  or Check prices and Availability via | Agoda | hotels combined

Vyithri Resort


Hanging bridge in Vythiri Resort and Spa

The Vyithri Resort is another top of the line place to lodge while in the area. It’s best known as a honeymoon resort, thanks to its calm, serene environment amidst the nature and fresh surroundings but it’s also a great place to take family and friends.


The resort is surrounded by of course, trees – as well as steams of water and kilometers upon kilometers of plantation which is connected to the nearby rainforests. Its proximity to nature also makes it a good starting point for when you want to go out and visit all that the Wayanad District has to offer.

What makes this resort different from your typical ones is its accommodations – it doesn’t just have simple rooms. They have tree houses and villas bordered by trees and nature in general, allowing you to enjoy Wayanad in a more pure way.

But just because the Vyithri Resort is in touch with nature doesn’t mean that they don’t prioritise their customers’ comfort and luxury, no. The resort has a long list of amenities, ranging from spas, conference rooms and facilities, indoor game facilities, outdoor game facilities, and more. Another plus is that they even have activities for their guests to enjoy, such as yoga, meditation classes, culinary classes, tours, camping, trekking, bird-watching, cycling, and the list goes on and on. This resort is everything you love in nature and your typical five-star hotels, all packaged into one amazing experience.

The experience and amenities really were luxurious – we even had a jacuzzi inside  our rooms – not many resorts can say they have that. I really loved the jacuzzi, they felt even better that the pool because you can heat the water up and manage the temperature, perfect for those cold foggy nights.


However, we were warned that we had to close our rooms as much as possible, because otherwise the nearby local monkeys would come inside for a visit. Well, that turned out to be true because it is exactly what we witnessed that morning – monkeys clambering at and trying to open our door. It’s no surprise, of course. There are a lot of monkeys in the property since the resort was located smack middle in the forests of Wayanad.

Despite the amount of furry visitors we got, we didn’t really feel harmed or in danger in any way – in fact, it was all rather fascinating. Another shock was when we also saw a super giant squirrel come down the branches of the tree to ask for breakfast – perfect wildlife living indeed. Get used to being around monkeys, because we saw them roaming around the resort regularly.

Another amenity of the resort – and one of the most popular ones – was the hanging bridge. It offered a wonderful view of the trees and canopies down below, and inhaling the fresh nature air was really an experience.

The workers at the resort were all really friendly and accommodating as well – willing to help you with whatever you need. You don’t even have to worry about your clothes, because the hotel also offers a laundry washing service. Another plus is that the food they served was delicious – they have four different restaurants each having differing cuisine so you can just order based on your cravings. All their food is made fresh and you can really tell that’s true once you take a bite into a meal.

Overall, the amenities and our own room was lovely. However, when we saw the honeymoon room villa, which had two floors and even its own private pool inside – OMG, I fell in love immediately. I would definitely stay there if I could. The resort may be a little wonky with wifi considering it’s still a rural area, but its fine considering there’s quite a lot to do around the resort.


Address: Lakkidi P.O, Wayanad – 673576, Kerala, India

Email: ;

Telephone:  +91-484-4055250


Book now via | Agoda | Hotels Combined

Overall, the Wayanad District in Kerala is not only a great place to get in touch with the local nature and wildlife, but also participate in various exciting activities and learn all about the deep roots and history of the region. Despite not being known as one of the most popular tourist spots, the Wayanad District has a lot to offer, and more – it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked when planning a trip to Kerala, or India in general.

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  1. You were so lucky to have participated in the Kerala blog Express. You saw and did so much in Wayanad. It is so evident in your pictures how much fun you and your groupmates had!

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    1. It’s actually really safe but then that’s something I enjoy doing. Most of us tried it and really loved it. But if you’re not up for it, you can opt for the bamboo rafting instead.

  3. I stayed at Vythiri several years back. So glad to see you enjoy the different activities of Wayanad.
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