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Warner Brother’s Studio Tour : Learn the Behind the Scenes

How many times have you watched your favorite Netflix TV series and wished you could take a peek behind the scenes? Well, I finally got to see the making of my favorite shows with the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Los Angeles! Hit the pause button on your remote and take a minute to read about the set of Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, and all the rest.

Warner Brothers

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour costs $62 (plus $10 for parking) and lasts three hours, and it’s worth every bit of it. We had an amazing our guide named Andy, who kept us entertained with his lively style and sense of humor. I loved how he made jokes, instead of just blandly giving us information. He was a big part of what made the tour great! He even asked us our favorite Warner Brothers Productions films so he could customize the tour to our tastes.

Warner Borthers

The tour is incredibly interactive. I loved how we didn’t just drive around and look at stuff. We walked through the streets, we went in the houses, and it felt like we were really there. Everything looked so real—the bricks looked authentic, the bridges seemed like iron, and the trees totally look like they’re planted in the ground, even though you can pick them up and move them from place to place. We even had the opportunity to feel like real movie stars! At the end of the tour, the guide lets you pretend to be in a scene and films you while you act like Harry Potter on a broom stick or Batgirl chasing criminals. You can even buy footage or photos at the end. It’s pretty expensive, with costs ranging from $65-$100, but it could be worth it if movies are your thing and you want a special souvenir! During the process, they explain everything that goes into making a movie or show: concept, sound, how to put it all together, etc. It’s so interesting to see how things happen behind the scenes! I suddenly have a great appreciation for how much work goes into crafting just one episode.


We got to see the sets from a bunch of different shows. My favorite? Central Perk coffeehouse, which has become an actual coffee shop you can order drinks from! I loved seeing everything from Friends. We also got to enter the soundstage for Big Bag Theory, complete with the couch, and it was so cool! I’m also a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, so I loved seeing Lorelai’s house, the diner, and Luke’s car. warner brothers (5)

Speaking of cars, we also got to see the Batmobile! The entire prop department was awesome. There are thousands of props in there, and I recognized quite a few! Something that surprised me was how little space can be used to create the illusion of such a big area. The Central Park shots were all done in a little grassy field. All the houses and buildings are reused over and over in many different shows.

warner brothers (10)

The very best park of the tour was seeing the Pretty Little Liars set all ready for shooting. They were filming the next day, so we were lucky to be there just then. We even got to see Rose Wood!

warner brothers (8)

For movie buffs and TV lovers, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour is a must-do when you’re in Los Angeles. Even if you’re not a huge fan of film, you may be surprised how much you can learn and enjoy on the tour! I highly recommend it. It will change your view of the television industry forever.

Warner Brothers

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    1. You lucky Gal you GiGi, What are you waiting for? 🙂

      We will be taking this tour Karla Coz You have recommended it and We will be in LA soon. Our children would love it. And We absolutely were created to see and enjoy this planet! Thanks for the Bucket List addition.
      You Images simply mesmerize me, that Image in a Power Office, I absolutely want one.

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