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Why Visit Coney Island

Coney Island is a New York City conglomerate amusement park that has been around for ages. If you want to get to Coney Island, you can take the train to Stillwell Avenue, take the bus, hop on Express Bus from Manhattan, or drive a car to the lot at West 17th Street at MCU Park. I took the train. I was the only one heading to Coney Island, and it took a really long time. So you might consider taking a bus. Now that you know how to get there, here’s why you ought to go to Coney Island!

  1. Luna Park.

    Photography by Gino Mirasol

    The world’s most iconic amusement park is Coney Island’s Luna Park. Dozens of other parks around the world have borrowed the name. Actually, in many languages, “lunapark’ has become the generic word for all amusement parks. The original was opened in 1903, and it has survived to this day… sort of. The first Luna Park was destroyed by a fire in the 40’s, and the current one opened in 2010. There are 19 rides in Luna Park, from the teacup ride to totally crazy screamers.

    Unfortunately, I chose a day to visit where the park was not opened. I still had fun viewing the street art. Next time, don’t copy what I did, check their schedule, they aren’t open everyday (especially on low season).

  2. The Original Nathans.

    Photography by Gino Mirasol

    Everyone knows Nathan’s Hotdogs, but not too many people know that the first one is on Coney Island. Unlike Luna Park, the legit original really still exists. The business is 100 years old, and still going strong! You can’t visit Coney Island and miss out on this taste of history.

    I was told they even hold hotdog eating contests—-Who could eat the most hotdogs? I’m never going to win that but they do have good hotdogs.

  3. Coney Art Walls.

    Photography by Gino Mirasol

    This incredible hip and vibrant street art adds a massive pop of color to Coney Island. Each work of art is created by popular and up-and-coming New York City artists. Some of the walls are painted, and some are sculpted, but all are fantastic. This eclectic collection celebrates the spirit of Coney Island.

  4. The Riegelmann Boardwalk.

    Photography by Gino Mirasol
    Photography by Gino Mirasol

    This two-and-a-half mile long stretch of wood is a must-do activity when you visit Coney Island. Not only does it give you a chance to stretch your legs in the open air, but it also will take you to the beach, the aquarium, and a few of the island’s amusement parks.

  5. The Beach.

    Photography by Gino Mirasol

    When you’re done with the hectic sounds and sights of Coney Island, head to the beach for some peace and relaxation. The beach features volleyball and other popular beach sports as well as the chance to tan and chill. You’ll forget that you’re not in California!

  6. The Aquarium.

    The New York City Aquarium has been around since the 19th Century, when it was housed in Castle Clinton. Today, it’s on Coney Island, so you can maximize your fun all in one location! See the marine life and learn how to preserve and appreciate it in nature.

9 thoughts on “Why Visit Coney Island

  1. I’ve always heard of the Coney Island and it definitely looks like a fun place to go to! It’s amazing too that the Aquarium has been around for so long! Btw, your dress really was a good fit for the place. colorful!

  2. Coney island is a place of books and television for me, as my knowledge of it comes from those media. I’d love to visit one day, and the colourful photographs in your report reinforce that wish!

  3. Never heard of Coney Island. But I guess it’s more of a place that only locals know about or one those hidden gems.

    That’s a great round up of things to do and equally beautiful pictures as well. Will keep in mind if I ever make it to The Big Apple

  4. I would love to get to Cony Island! Between the art walls, the amusement park, the aquarium and then finishing the day off at the beach it sounds like a fantastic way to spend a day. I’ve been to NYC a couple of times but not yet made this trip – I’m constantly seeing it pop up in popular culture though like TV and movies, so it sounds like a pretty iconic NYC spot.

  5. Coney Island seems to be a complete fun package. It seems to have a varied range of attractions from beach to boardwalk and wonderful food as well. It sure holds the promise of some great time.

  6. I didn’t have any idea that the name “Luna Park” came from exactly this place! I mean, we use the term “lunapark” for all amusement parks in Poland. Maybe now it’s not so popular, but my parents are certainly still using this word for every place of this kind. It’s similar with the “Skansen” in Stockholm – now in Poland we call all open air museums “skansens” 😉

  7. Coney Island is so iconic and has so much to offer! Who wouldn’t like to have an amusement park and a beach within walking distance?! I’m a fan of street art so I would definitely enjoy discovering all the murals on Coney Island.

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