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Vietnam Sim Cards and Packages for Tourists

Tourist Sim Cards in Vietnam
  • When something is not quite right, we, Filipinos, would often say, “I-Google mo na yan!” But what if you are outside the country and found yourself drifting in the cities of Vietnam?

    Though that’s not always the picture, wandering on its scenic streets can be more fun when you are connected to the internet. Therefore, as a preparation, you should also be considering whether you’ll go get a sim, which type and what data plans, or rent a pocket WiFi.

    SIM cards and Data Plans

    To get a coverage, you may opt to get a local sim card in Vietnam. This is one of the cheapest and most convenient especially if your smartphones are already unlocked. In the Vietnamese international airports such as in Noi Bai and Da Nang, kiosks of different mobile network operators are available. It can also be bought in stores and shops by the streets.

    To make it even more convenient, you can book for sim cards already topped with your chosen plans which will cater your needs during the travel. Before flying to Vietnam, you may logged in at or These two online platforms allow you to choose from different options and customize the sim according to your preferences.

    Here are the lists of sim cards along with their plans and prices as per declared by the two web sites.


    Mobile Network





    How to Get



    How to Avail


    $6USD ( 5gb total)  or  $14 USD ( 2gb/day)


    5GB data (4G) valid for 30 days or 2GB daily . 

    Book via and pick-up at Klook kiosk in Tan Son Nhat airport or book this and have it delivered to your hotel 

     $8 USD

    4G sim card with unlimited data and 30 minutes of international calls or 60 minutes of local calls

    Book at and get it at Tan Son Nhat Airport ( HCMC)


    $8 USD

    Data Unlimited Sim






    Book via and pick-up at Klook kiosk in Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi or this one for hotel delivery

    $4.3 USD

    3G Sim card with 4GB data daily for 30 days


    Book at and pick-up at their counter at Tan Son Nhat ( HCMC)

    *This is the original price, but the site usually give discounts so price is relatively lower the last time I checked.

    ** There are other available plans not covered by Klook and Kkday.


    Other sim cards which can also be used in Vietnam are Vietnamobile and Mobifone. Fortunately, these two also have kiosks on the international airports in Vietnam. Here are some of their data packages along with their keywords.

    Mobile Network



    How to Avail


    70, 000 VND

    or Php 158


    3.8GB valid for 30 days

    Avail at their counter in any international airport in Vietnam, or at any Mobifone authorized shop/seller.

    90, 000 VND

    or Php 203


    5.5GB valid for 30 days

    120, 000 VND

    or Php 270


    8.8GB valid for 30 days

    200, 000 VND

    or Php 452


    16.5GB valid for 30 days

    300, 000 VND

    or Php 678


    33GB valid for 30 days

    400, 000 VND

    or Php 904


    44GB valid for 30 days

    500, 000 VND

    or Php 1,130


    55GB valid for 30 days


    10, 000 VND

    or Php 23


    1GB valid for 30 days

    Avail at their counter in any international airport in Vietnam, or at any Vietnamobile authorized shop/seller.

    25, 000 VND

    or Php 55


    2GB valid for 30 days

    40, 000 VND

    or Php 90


    4GB valid for 30 days

    70, 000 VND

    or Php 158


    8GB valid for 30 days

    90, 000 VND

    or Php 203


    12GB valid for 30 days

    120, 000 VND

    or Php 271


    20GB valid for 30 days

    200, 000 VND

    or Php 452


    40GB valid for 30 days


    Wi-Fi Rentals

    If travelling by group and everybody needs to be connected to the internet, buying sim cards for all may not be the wisest decision. After all, you’ll just dispose of it later. If so, renting pocket Wi-Fi might be the best option. So, where can you get one? Remember when I introduced you to Klook and Kkday? They do not just let you book sim cards. They can also let you barrow portable Wi-Fi hotspots at reasonable prices. It can also be accessed from different stores in Vietnam or at online shops. Here are some examples for your reference.


    Product Name




    How to Avail

    3G Wifi

    3G device with mobile data which can connect up to 8 devices at once, 6 hours battery life

    Php 252/ day/device

    Unlimited data (3G network)

    Book via www. and to be delivered at your hotel front desk in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi, Hoi an upon checking in and out



    What are you waiting for? Go check and choose the data plan that will make your most precious memories in Vietnam.

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