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Vancouver Day Hikes with Stunning Views

Day Hikes in Vancouver

Vancouver’s Top Day Hike Trails


Vancouver Canada has a reputation for being a haven for hikers. With trails that range from easy-as-pie to tough-as-nails, hikers of all experience levels can easily find their perfect peaks to conquer. Here is an overview of some of these, sorted according to the level of difficulty.


Dog Mountain Trail

Dog Mountain Trail Vancouver

So-named because of the jagged peaks that characterize it, the ridge is approached by narrow passages that lead to a winding trail. The peak offers a 360-degree view of the mountains around it.


Lynn Canyon.

Lyn Canyon

A forested trail that hikers frequent, the Lynn Peak lasts for around 4.5 kilometers. There are several good views along the way, and the winding route leads to an elevation of more than 700 meters.


Lighthouse Park.

Lighthouse Park

The park has a lot of easy trails to choose from. Go here if you want to see magnificent views of the ocean, as well as old-growth forests. The height also offers a great view of Starboat Cove, a famous picnic spot.




Quarry Rock.

Quarry Rock

Almost 4 kilometers long, the trail is characterized by creek bridges and a great view from the top. It is also known as the Gray Rock Trail and the Deep Cove Lookout. The latter is because of its views of the scenic Deep Cove bay.




Garibaldi Lake.

Garibaldi Lake


This is quite the hike, and I do not recommend doing this at least until July or thereabouts. There’s a constant amount of uphill struggle, through meadows and lush green forests. But at the top, you will be met with the gorgeous turquoise blue of the lake. You will also enjoy the sight of the distant glacier.


The hike lasts for about 5 hours, wherein you will traverse 18 kilometers of terrain. Get your cardio on before attempting this.


Panorama Ridge.

Panorama Ridge

This one doesn’t disappoint. The view is a panoramic wonder that shows climbers the Bow and Consolation Valleys east of Ten Peaks. There is only one trail up the ridge, and it’s a difficult one. You are expected to have significant scrambling experience even before you attempt this.

The best time to hike will be around June to September, when the season is dry. You will also have to get a National Park Pass before entering the trail. Also bring some bear spray, as the place is active with grizzlies.


Grouse Grind.

Grouse Mountain

This is a very popular hike, but that does not mean that it is an easy one. It lasts for almost 3 kilometers, and offers sights addictive for their beauty. What people aren’t often aware of is that Grouse Grind is merely the start of a trail to different places. It is a back door to Lynn Peak, Goat Mountain, Dam Mountain, Norvan Falls, and many more.


The Grind is a status symbol for hiking clubs within the vicinity. A person’s “Grind Time” serves like a badge for club admission. It is also a sort of rite of passage — many consider it a mandatory trail if you consider yourself a Vancouver hiker.


Vancouver has a lot of wonders awaiting those with the guts and the curiosity. Work your way up these peaks to experience the beauty of this part of the world.

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  1. How can you not give into hiking with a sights as lovely as these! I’ve never done any of these hikes and I would love to do so some time soon. I really think it’s the perfect way to unwind and not think about anything but the view!

  2. A great post and looks like a destination that offers something for everyone, no matter what kind of hiking your looking for.

  3. Hiking is such a lovely thing to do especially in a place like Vancouver! It’s really beautiful there and you can definitely appreciate the place more by going on these hikes!

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