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York, England Travel Guide : York Things to do in 2 days


York, United Kingom  is one of the most interesting cities in the entirety of England, with its amazing gothic architecture, rich history, and mouthwatering meal options.  It’s funny though, how I got here. I literally didn’t have any accommodations left to book in Edinburgh. Yes, none!  I searched wide and

Chasing Game of Thrones Locations in Northern Ireland with Giant’s Causeway Bay

Belfast Game of Throne

Mapping Out the Game of Thrones One of the fun aftermaths of a TV show or movie taking the world by storm is the fact that its filming locations turn into instant tourist spots. Sometimes, what draws people is the sheer novelty of being somewhere the show was shot. Sometimes, that

One Day in Oxford


When the word “Oxford” is mentioned, the first thing that would come to people’s minds will be the prestigious English university. However, like most other prestigious universities around the world, Oxford University has also birthed an entire settlement around it. In this case, an entire city — one that’s a