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Unicorn Origami Travel Organizer

Origami Unicorn Travel Organizer

There are travelers who concern themselves with organizing only the more sizeable objects in their luggage, particularly shirts, pants and the like, and then choosing to insert the smaller ones, like undergarments and socks, into the leftover space available. While that approach does seem sensible to some, I personally find it such a hassle, especially during instances when I’d have to rummage through the whole luggage just to find a pair of socks or whatnot.

Photo Courtesy of Origami Unicorn

Thankfully, I’ve discovered TUO or Travel Undergarment Organizer by Origami Unicorn, and after using it to pack my socks and underwear for six months on the road, I can safely say that it’s most definitely a travel must-have. Six months is actually a big deal since most use it for short-term travels only. Regardless, I’ve found that whether you need it for long travels or short trips, the TUO doesn’t disappoint.

Photo Courtesy of Origami Unicorn

Let’s start with its compartments, designed to make it easy for you to pack and unpack. The TUO has three mesh zippered pockets that allow you to see through the items inside. Two of the pockets have three internal elastic separators each for smaller items like socks, toiletries or even cords and charges for those who wish to use it for packing things other than undergarments. Designed to be able to pack enough articles of clothing for seven days, it has just the right amount of compartment and space to keep you from packing more articles of clothing than you really need which, I admit, I sometimes struggle with.


Photo Courtesy of Origami Unicorn

I especially like its detachable handle. It’s designed in a way that you can either hang it on a hook or hang it on a railing. That alone makes it so much more convenient and practical than most travel organizers. I always prefer an organizer I can hang somewhere than an organizer I’d have to set up on a flat surface just so that I can rifle through it.

Photo Courtesy of Origami Unicorn


It’s made of water-resistant nylon fabric which is a huge plus since I would often hang it in the bathroom. I never had to worry about my socks and undergarments getting wet. The material is also lightweight but sturdy so you would have less to worry about it adding too much weight on your baggage and it tearing or breaking too easily.

In addition to that, the TUO also comes with a small drawstring laundry bag, and unlike most laundry bags, this one has built-in divider so that you can separate socks from underwear. I thought that was truly a good idea, especially for someone like me who can be quite OCD. For 3 day trips,  I use the compartments to pack per day—- it was very useful.

Photo Courtesy of Origami Unicorn

Overall, I think Unicorn’s TUO most certainly stands out among the many other travel organizers out there. It’s simple enough with its limited number of compartments but has all the right features a travel organizer must have – good material, practical uses and compact design – compared to other organizers that attempt to put in as many unnecessary zippered pockets as they can. It’s also very efficient – the product design makes every feature useful. Lastly, it’s extremely convenient – the well-thought out handle is proof to that.


11 thoughts on “Unicorn Origami Travel Organizer

  1. This does look like a really well designed and well thought out travel organiser! I really like the appearance of it too, it’s very attractive. My bag is usually chaos and it’s me rummaging for socks at the bottom of the bag!

  2. I always like to travel with organisers like this. I haven’t got one for my underwear but I have been thinking recently that it would be easier to do so. Its hard looking through my ebag searching for a pair of socks amongst everything else. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve never traveled w/any organizers like this but I’ve been considering it. They seem really useful. Also, this one looks great unlike so many of the others.

  4. I’ve never travelled with organisers but they are getting more anad more popular. I like these because they look really fashionable as well as being obviously useful. Great that you have tested them and can support their use.

  5. WOW, these travel organizers are so cute! I would love to own them and organize my stuff more properly, especially when traveling.

  6. That is exactly what I need . I alaways search for my socks in the luggage when I travel. I love the fact that the laundry bag has two compartments to seperate the socks with the underwear.

  7. I have one of these too! I absolutely agree that the TUI is one of the best organizers out there … the ease and simplicity of it, huge amount of pocket space, and ability to switch it around the bathroom with clever press studs and hooks … love it 🙂 Highly recommend to anyone looking to buy!

  8. Seems like a great idea having to keep all that stuff together so that you can just pick what you need in a second. Although, I use smaller items to fill in little spaces…wonder how that would be affected..

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