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Breville Coffee Hub : Facebook Live Sessions

The Breville Coffee Hub : Chef Edward Mateo

Similar to everyone, I too became a recent coffee enthusiast, visiting cafés after cafés — sadly, with the pandemic still around and our household financial budget can’t permit my frequent store-bought coffee luxury, I decided to learn how to make my coffee at home. To guide me on my home-based coffee-making

Ultimate Guide of Things to do in Mandalay Myanmar ( Where to Stay + What to see)

Mandalay Travel Guide

Myanmar’s charm comes from the physical manifestation of their Burmese culture shown through gold-plated pagodas, rivers, markets, and street food. Aside from jaw-dropping sites, the locals make the tour more enjoyable for the tourists. If other Asian countries have beaches and fascinating architecture, Myanmar has marvelous religious sites and monasteries that

Pansol Laguna Resort: Sol Y Viento + Costa Tropical Water Park


Sol Y Viento Experience Last May 25, 2018, we got invited by Sol Y Viento to try out their newly renovated place in Pansol, Laguna. Of course, we couldn't miss an invitation to this place. Pansol, Laguna is  known for having pools with natural hot springs. What makes it even more remarkable