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Ultimate Puerto Galera Guide




A.   Utopia Resorts and Spa

Balcony from my Sampaguita Room

If you are looking for a quiet staycation,  Puerto Galera’s Utopia Resorts and Spa, a five star luxury resort with a free  shuttle, can be the best spot for you. This place is situated on top of hill. It is highly recommeded for those who enjoy waking up to the view of the bay.  After all, this is also one of the prettiest bay’s in the Philippines ( look at it)

The resort has three modernized suits and four well-furnished cottages available for accommodation They also have a pool  that has a bar where you can just lounge around. .Of course, in any staycation, a Spa treatment is something to look forward to and that’s something Utopia Resorts and Spa can offer.

For more details, contact: 0918 555 5720/ 0926 600 2554


B.    Tamaraw Beach Resort

Another ideal place to stay in  is Tamaraw Beach Resort, a three star hotel that gives you a reasonable price and unwinding hotel experience. This is located in Aninuan, Punta Galera. It is a   short tricycle ride from White Beach but between the two, I liked  this area since it was more quiet.  We went diving, jetskiing and  we played ball by the beach.

Tamaraw Beach Resort offers an extensive variety of choices for room accommodations that can cater to  people’s needs.  For instance, we were 5 when we  went, so we took one villa by the beach and another one for 2 people in the hotel. Of course, we prefer the villas more but the hotel isn’t bad. .

For more info, contact: 0921 279 5161/


C.   Kalaw

Kalaw Galera

If you are fond of a nature and classic vibe, then Kalaw Place surely suits your taste. Kalaw Place, a hidden paradise filled with lovely trees. It feels more like a forest  ( which is also why, you should equip yourself with mosquito repellan).  The resort is a family-owned three hectare land  with 8 comfortable rooms and 3 spacious cabins are made available for accommodation. My family and I stayed here during my Dad’s birthday.  We loved it because apart from the fantastic views,  and rustic feel, we could cook.

Kalaw Place gives you a breath-taking view of Muelle Bay.And though this is an isolated area, the resort is completely convenient in terms of water, electricity and communication devices.

The main house of this place is purely surrounded by palms, bamboos and flowers. A safe haven for your restless body.  However, it is not only the antiquity and divergence of this spot making it a great deal, but also the delightful 24-hour service of the staff and the Kalaw family.

For reservation, contact: 0917 532 2617

II.        What to Do in Puerto Galera

A.   Tamaraw Falls

Tamaraw Falls

Tamaraw Falls is definitely one of Puerto Galera’s pounding wonders that catches a lot of attention from backpackers. The 423 feet tall magnificence is well known for its layered waterfalls, falling from a lush-green mountain, that are staggeringly entrancing. The cascading and splashing water that goes to the pool where you could swim would make you come back for more. Not only that, the soothing sound of flowing water is totally relaxing.

The fall is easily accessible to passers-by since this is not situated inside of a forest or up in the mountain. The renowned Tamaraw Falls is merely located alongside of a road in Barangay Villaflor. As luck would have it, the price is absolutely dirt cheap with an entrance fee of 30 pesos (per individual) for grownups and 15 pesos (per individual) for kids. Cottages are available in the area for only a hundred and forty pesos (140) which is indeed budget-friendly.

B.    Blue Ribbon Dive Resort

Blue Ribbon Dive Resort

Puerto Galera is known for its splendid scuba diving spots and other tourist attractions. Blue Ribbon Dive Resort gladly offers PADI Freediving Courses and indelible scuba diving experience. The resort includes a training pool, bars, restaurants and a beautiful shoreline sight. From Sabang Beach, the most famous tourist destination of foreigners, the Blue Ribbon Dive Resort is only a few meters away.

The staff give a rightful and cordial service. In this spot, you will meet the friendliest people and join the most awesome diving operations. There are a couple of well-furnished rooms where you can stay that are totally affordable. You can have an amazing stay in here for as low as 2000 pesos per night and the management is willing to give you a discount for diving with them.

C.   Kalaw Lagoon

Kalaw Lagoon is a peaceful scenery loaded with pleasant adventures for you and your friends. It is somehow a lengthy walk from Kalaw Place but it is surely worth the wait. The scenery is filled with diverse growth of flora and fauna. What’s best about this spot is that you can actually rent a paddling boat. We were told, that in the olden times ( don’t know how long ago) this was where malasimbo was held, or at least the after party.  You can grill and chill out in here as long as you bring your necessities to avoid hassle. You can do a lot of fun things here and it is really quiet and calm. You can stay for dinner because there are lights around the area during night time, but there are plenty of mosquitoes so it’s best to bring a repellant.

D.   Island Hopping

Island hopping is one of the best things to do in Puerto Galera. Your trip would surely not be complete if you haven’t done it. The enthralling beauty of white beaches in Punta Galera has been admired by tourists from different parts of the world. You shouldn’t make excuses for you to miss beach hopping because it would absolutely stun you in a second you see and feel it. This tour is composed of Coral beach, Long beach and Haligi beach with a snorkeling and fish feeding adventure. There is a short briefing before you begin your adventure.

There will be a travelling guide who will accompany you so it is perfectly safe and you wouldn’t mind getting lost. A small bangka, ready for aboard, awaits you and your friends. Prices depend on how long your tour is going to be but if it is a little bit out of your budget, you can search for a promo package and it should be prior to your trip. The island tour price varies between 1,500-3,000 pesos and good for 5-8 persons.

E.    Sand Bar

sandbar puerto galera

An alluring white sand bar that appears only during high tide season is one of top getaways in Puerto Galera. It actually connects the two separate islands of Mindoro and Boquete, and features the waters of Muelle Bay. The place can give you peace and harmony you have always been searching in your busy and loud city.  Also, don’t forget to take pictures so your friends can see this wonder. Boat rentals can be as low as 1,500 pesos and you can enjoy the exquisite sand bar adventure and other beach activities in the island.

Furthermore, if you wish to stay in a nearby resort, Sand Bar Beach Resort is the most accessible. There are air-conditioned rooms available for accommodation. For us, we spent the afternoon in this place and just chilled and relaxed in the huts located in the vicinity.


10 thoughts on “Ultimate Puerto Galera Guide

  1. Looks absolutely magical. Puerto Galera seems to have everything that one needs, beautiful resorts to stay in, diving options, waterfall and a lagoon and my favourite pass time of all, island hopping. Thanks for all the information and love how pretty the water is with all the different shades of blue.

  2. What a beautiful and perfect place to be. Puerto Galera seems to have everything from waterfalls to lagoons and of course good diving and resorts for a comfortable stay. I personally am a huge fan of island hoping. The different shades of blue are fantastic.

  3. Puerto Galera’s Utopia Resorts and Spa looks like just my kind of place to stay – I cannot resist a pool that has a bar! I have a thing for waterfalls too, so your post has definitely made me smile – looks like a beautiful part of the world.

  4. Those Tamaraw Falls look stunning and so does the Kalaw Lagoon. Have never really thought about going to Puerto Galera but maybe it’s about time I did!

  5. Good list. I would definitely like to visit Tamaraw Falls. It looks like a fun place. Got to get a picture on that bull. Island hopping bit also sounds like a good adventure as well. I’ll choose the Utopia Resorts and Spa just for that view.

  6. Certainly a place where nature is at its finest. Would love hiking around the waterfalls, something I’ve been doing a bit of lately. The resorts sound great, especially the beach resort. Have to admit I’ve never heard of this place so good to understand more about it.

  7. Not bad, your pictures describe a lot about PG. I’ve never been to Philippines before but always wanted to go. Looks like it is time to go now.

  8. Looks like a fun place to visit. Love that you can relax, as well as have fun jumping off the the Kalaw Lagoon. I’ve actually never heard of Puerto Galera, but it seems like an area worth exploring deeper! Fun pics!

  9. What a beautiful part of the world! I’d definitely choose the Tamaraw Beach Resort. I like how they offers villas if you’re traveling in a bigger group. Definitely a money saver if you don’t have to book multiple hotel rooms! Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

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