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Ultimate Guide to Warsaw, Poland

Must See in Warsaw

 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Warsaw

After spending 3 days in Krakow, we took the Lux Bus and headed to Warsaw . So much, in fact, that it’s very easy to get lost! But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Here’s a shortlist of the very best things to see in Warsaw


  1. Praga District.

    Praga is a part of Warsaw located on the bank of Vistula River. One of its top sites is the Soho Factory, which is a museum that is a cross between artistry and the embodiment of the industrial revolution. There’s also the Neon Museum with a host of iconic signs. Finally, join a walking tour to know more about the quarter’s history.

Neon Museum in Warsaw Poland
  1. Free walking tour.

    Warsaw has a lot of free walking tours, and it’s going to take you some time to join them all. From historic places to the city’s dark past, from the remnants of communism to the Jewish section of the city, you’ll find a tour just for you.

Must Do in Warsaw Things-to-see-in-Warsaw

Here are some of the what to visit sights to see:

  • Keret House, which is the world’s narrowest house. It’s wide at the back, though.
  • Szczesliwicka Hill, which is the highest hill in the city and a good skiing point.
  • Mermaid of Warsaw, which is the city symbol.
  • Warsaw Spire, which is a circular tower that serves as the poshest office building in the city.
  • Marie Curie Museum, dedicated to the two-time Nobel Laureate.
  • Chopin’s Benches (complete with music!), which are scattered through many tourist places.
  • Chopin Museum, which, like the benches, are dedicated to famous composer Fryderyk Chopin.
  • Live concerts at dinnertime, perfect for an enjoyment after a meal!


  1. Milk Bar! These are cultural institutions, but you really need your Polish to order here (there’s no English menu, and some people just point at stuff and hope they’re ordering something good!). They’re affordable cafeterias that serve traditional food generally made from dairy products. These places vary in quality, but I suggest Prasowy since it has good food and a good place! It’s a cheap, authentic experience, considering others aren’t quite as modern or nice. I had soup and pierogi, and I didn’t understand what else was on the menu. There were a lot of tourists, but everyone seemed happy with their good!
Best Milk Bar in Warsaw
  1. Old Town.

    This section is the oldest part of the capital, with medieval buildings and a lot of tourists! Sights include the St. John’s Cathedral, medieval walls, and The Barbican (a medieval fortification).

Must Do in Warsaw

  1. Bakery Street. This is the perfect place if you want bread, and you can try some zapiekanka while you’re there!


  1. KGB Museum.

    Just like Auschwitz, this is a disturbing look into the life of POWs during World War II and the era of Soviet power. The museum used to be a prison, and the heavy atmosphere is still there.


  1. War Uprising Museum.

    Located in Wola, this commemorates the uprising of 1944. It details the progress of the Polish Underground State, and has a lot of WWII memorabilia.

Must Do in Warsaw

  1. One Euro shots! There are two bars I especially loved, Czupito and Pijalni Wódki i Piwa. Both of them were lovely and lively, with a huge variety of shots. Each was priced at 1 EUR!

Must Do in Warsaw

  1. Cool bars!

    Aside from these shots, there are also a lot of cool pubs, and bars. Here’s a list of a few of the best ones:

  • Kraken Rum
  • Plan B
  • Warszawa Powiśle (old train station turned into a bar)
  • Duck and Chicken
Must Do in Warsaw
Kraken and Rum

There are more sights to see in Warsaw, another one I missed but I had wanted to do was the National Stadium in Warsaw. I guess, this will be in my for next time list.

That’s a lot  of places to see in warsaw, but then again we’re talking about Poland. Every place is worth exploring. Of course, you also need somewhere to stay, and I recommend Chill Out Hostel to get you relaxed for the night. It’s a great place in Poznanska that can get you rested enough for the next day of adventure!

Must Do in Warsaw

Must see in Warsaw
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10 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to Warsaw, Poland

  1. Very nice! I was there last month as well. I liked the Old-Town very much and als the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the fountain show in the Media Park. 🙂

  2. I totally love Warsaw and the places you have mentioned here have to be hit up! Its becoming a very upcoming city in Central Europe and I would recommend anyone to visit it. Poland is the hot destination at the moment and so cheap to visit as well 😀

  3. I never knew that Warsaw had such a cute, kitschy feel to it! I love it! I’m hoping to visit Eastern Europe for the first time next year and Warsaw is now on the list! I’ll definitely have to have a night out there with those 1 Euro shots! 😉

  4. It is great that there is a free walking tour. I always like walking when I am in a new place. I love the look of Poland and I would certainly check out Warsaw when I go

  5. Warsaw is a place that is etched in my mind. Not that I have ever been there, but because of innumerable spy fiction that I have read. But there is so much more to Warsaw, so much to see and experience. But still I would love to head out to the KGB museum and relive the pages of the books that I have read,.

  6. Great photos, Warsaw is such a great destination! I didn’t expect to like it that much but just after my first trip I fell in love with it. All the gorgeous parks, beautiful old streets, cozy restaurants and bars – I love it all. One of my favorite Warsaw’s spots is a bar in downtown called Bubbles. They have the best champagne in the entire city and excellent food. I usually go there to hang out with my friends and we always sit there for the entire evening:)

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