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Ulan Ulan Falls- Biliran, Philippines

Ulan Ulan Falls Biliran

Ulan Ulan Falls , known to have the sweetest water, is located at Barangay Sampao, Almeria,  Biliran. This was our side trip coming from Sambawan Island and before heading back to Tacloban.  I realized when we got there though, that Ulan- Ulan Falls was more than just a side trip. It’s a must see when in Biliran.

We rented a motorbike for Php 300 roundtrip.  It was a 30 minute ride  and a 20 minute hike down the waterfalls. The road to Ulan-Ulan is narrow and steep. No kidding, our habal-habal even fell. Good thing we got our footing and stopped the fall. Also, it was our driver’s first time to go there; best you go with someone who knows the place.

The hike was easy and almost straight going forward.  Be careful though, it can get slippery when raining.

How to Get to Ulan Ulan Falls

  1. Fly to Tacloban via PAL, Air Asia or Cebu Pacific
  2. Take a van going to Biliran. It is a 2 hour ride for Php 140 per head.
  3. From Biliran, hire a habal-habal to take you to Barangay Sampao, Almeria, Biliran. Make sure the driver knows where it is. From our experience, the driver almost took us to the wrong place, which would have taken us hours. Specify Recoletos and Ulan Ulan falls at Barangay Sampao.

We were lucky we arrived at the falls at the perfect time. There was no one there but us; best of all, we sighted a rainbow at the waterfalls.

You can really feel the mist and the rage of the falls when you stand near it and the water is really cold, so we just sat by the rocks around it.  If you are afraid of frogs, well, just watch out because we saw a lot of them there.

If you want to swim, walk upstream for about 10 minutes where you will see the Recoletos, It is the smaller falls but it has a huge basin perfect for taking a dip.   The temperature of the water, though cold at first, is refreshing.

There were other falls around the area like Tinago Falls, but we didn’t have time to explore it.

Well, more for next time.


29 thoughts on “Ulan Ulan Falls- Biliran, Philippines

  1. LOVE the Philippines, possibly one of our favourite places in the world. One tip I’d add – for flights, it’s best to book in advance as far as you can to get the cheapest offers. Last minute they really bump out the prices and makes a huge hole in your budget!

  2. Your timing was perfect. What are the chances that you were the only people there and at the same time see that beautiful rainbow. I’m discovering new places to visit in PH from you 🙂

  3. Honestly, my list of must-dos in the Philippines is beyond lengthy. Such a beautiful destination. Ulan Ulan falls looks like a fun adventure and even better when you have the place to yourself complete with a rainbow! 🙂

  4. It’s definitely lucky that you were the only ones there! You’d get such an incredible view to yourself. We’ll definitely check out Ulan Ulan Falls when we go. Just like everything in the Phiippines, it’s incredibly beautiful!

  5. I’ve never traveled anywhere so remote as this waterfall. Looks like a really big deal to get into it but that picture with the rainbow reflecting behind you is gorgeous. 😉

  6. Waterfalls are always so relaxing to look at, wouldn’t you agree? I bet it’s even more relaxing to spend an entire day in a place with awesome waterfalls! I don’t mind the long travel, really. It’s worth it.

  7. I wonder how the water looked like it is curving around the way it does in the photo. So nice and pretty to look at! You are really very brave to go to these out of the way places and share these with us. – Fred

    1. Hi, I read that too prior to going. Our Motorbike took us as far as he could, it was a relatively short trek but it can get really slippery and difficult lets say if it is rainy season perhaps that’s why it took 2 hours for the others. It didn’t take us that long.

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