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Travel Photography — The Top 5 Things You Need To Know

Yuletide is coming! And if you’re like most, you’ll probably be spending the holidays going places. Maybe to visit some family or friends, or just to get away from your daily humdrum.

And if you’re like most, you’ll likely have your pictures — and your filters — uploaded to your Instagram for the world to see. The thing is that there’s a lot of other people out there probably doing the same things you do. How do you make your travel photography stand out? Rake in the likes with these super simple tips!

  1. Grab some gear. You’ll probably be doing all you’re picture-taking with your smartphone’s camera — but just how good a picture are you getting? Tip: it’s not just in the megapixels. Even if you have a high-MP camera baked in, there are other things at play. That includes technical stuff like ISO, focal length, shutter speed, and stuff.

Fuji Camera

Without getting into the nitty-gritty of things, the first advice will be to ditch the camera phone and grab some real gear — a real camera, with some real features. A good recommendation will be Fujifilm’s X-A3. With a spunky retro look and some high-tech features, this light and handy camera will be the perfect travelling companion.


Be sure to pick up the charger as you go along, too! Though if you have the X-A3 you probably won’t need it too much. It lasts for more than 400 shots in a single charge — just how many pictures can you take in one go?


  1. Tap into the spirit of the place. Oftentimes, the best images are those that do not just capture the best visuals. It’s the ones that show just how a place makes you feel. Where are you going? Is it a place of warmth? Relaxation? Boundless fun? If you’re to take a great picture, you have to find a way to show just how the place stirs your emotions.

Fuji Film XA3

Think about it — every beach has sand and waves, and every city has trees and buildings. And yet each one has a different character. A fun and light beach can show people and a bright sky, while a somber and relaxing one can show the vast expanse of the ocean. Try to find the right visuals that tap into the spirit of the place.


Of course, don’t forget the filters! They are quite overused, but they can help in conveying important emotions. If you have the X-A3, this is much easier because of the famed “film simulation” technology that comes with it. Think of it as filters, only better.


  1. Strike a balance. Of course, you have to take pictures of your friends and family — and tag them later on. Just make sure to strike a balance between shooting them and the place where you are. You want these places to be souvenirs — without enough of the place in the background, it could have been as easily taken back home. At least make sure to capture something that speaks “we were there!” when photographing people.
Fuji Film
Bryce Canyon

At the same time, you need to decide what is your subject when taking a photo. For example, your gal pals posing in front of a famous spot poses a dilemma. Is it the spot you’re taking a picture of (with your friends just showing attendance), or is the place just a backdrop for the group picture? The answer to this will dictate how much of each will appear in your frame, and which one is focused.


  1. Mind the lighting. One of the problems in shooting with smartphones is lighting. Remember that overexposed picture you recently saw? There’s too much light in it that the colors are washed out. Cameras in phones are just not that adept at adjusting to the amount of light.

Fuji XA3

Neither are they that good in illuminating low-light conditions. There’s nothing like a real camera flash, especially something like the X-A3’s Super Intelligent Flash. A real camera adjusts accordingly to the light conditions, giving you optimal image quality. This is whether you’re doing some early-morning frolicking in the backyard, or exchanging fun stories by a bonfire.

Here’s an expert tip: try using the flash during bright, sunny days! This fills out the shadows and brings out the full color of whatever you’re shooting.

And of course, try doing some pictures during the “golden hours” — those times in the morning and evening when the sun bathes everything in a dramatic golden glow!

  1. Go candid! The Internet is flooded with cheesy poses. Try taking “stolen shots” instead! This adds character to your pictures. And selfies don’t always have to show just you — it could show the busy activities of the others around you. There’s nothing that screams “travel” like people enjoying the location naturally.

Travelling is great in more ways than one, and it’s a lot better when your memories are preserved in great pictures. So grab your gear and shoot away — because the world is out there waiting!

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  1. I think it is easy for anyone to become a photographer. All they need is your 5 tips. I must say these are 5 of the easiest and perfect tips for someone like me.

  2. Great photography tips for even an amateur! Pictures preserve memories and can take us down the lovely roads of our favourite destinations even years later. Good pictures=good memory lanes!

  3. Lighting is so important! Especially when using a smartphone, like you said. All of these are great tips. I like the one about striking a balance! Balance is so necessary… in all areas of life 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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