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Best Tourist Sim Card in Georgia

How to get sim card in Georgia


Itching to tell your friends about the amazing sites you will be seeing? No one can blame you for that. The Republic of Georgia, which lies in the borders of Europe and Asia ( feels like Turkey) , is known for its architectural landmarks and mountain ranges—a true beauty. Most of my friends said that I will definitely enjoy Georgia, I didn’t know what that meant until I landed in Georgia. The Country is so beautiful that I want to go back  ( I haven’t even left yet). Good thing Georgia is visa free for Filipinos if you have a valid US visa.You can also enter if you have a valid Japan Visa If not, then read here how to go about applying for a Georgian Tourist Visa for Filipinos.

But how can you let others know about this wonders right after you’ve set foot in the country? In this article, anticipate to know what sim cards are used in Georgia, which is best in terms of coverage, plans and price, and where to find and avail them. First, let us know what sim cards are there to choose from.

Which Company to Choose your Sim Card?

There are three (3) major network providers in Georgia—Beeline, Geocell and Magti.

Beeline has a pretty good coverage in 2G, 3G and 4G. It has hundreds of millions subscribers which means a lot of Georgian residents can access it in various places.

Geocell, on the other hand, offers 4G/LTE. It can able you to make phone calls and send messages just like the other network providers. The big problem, however, is that it can be hardly stable in terms of data connection even in some areas near Tbilisi.

Of the three, this is the network giant—Magti, also called MagtiCom. In 2016, Magti’s LTE already covered up to 90% of Georgia’s population. Data can be accessed in the widest number of areas, as far as Stepantsminda.

With this information at hand, it’s obvious now. Travelers out there who wishes to visit Georgia can either choose Beeline and Magti.

What Kind of Sim Cards do They offer?

All sim cards comes in three sizes: Standard (15 x 25mm) Micro (12 x 15mm) and Nano (8.8 x 12.3mm).

Data Plans and Prices

Since Beeline and Magti are the best two options for tourists, we will try to compare them in terms of their plans and prices.


Data plans of Beeline and Magti are almost similar and both offers a service valid for your month stay in Georgia as a tourist. Their price have small differences, too, Beeline, being the cheaper one. So if you are just around the city, in a budget, or in the more accessible places in Georgia, you can give Beeline a go.  I took Beeline actually and I was able to use it in most of my Georgia Trip. But, again, if going to farther places, and really wanted a good internet speed, Magti, is the best choice.

They offer other packages, too, which includes free calls within Georgia. For more of their services, you may visit their counters and kiosks and ask a representative or refer to their flyers. You may also go to their websites. (I think it is not that updated, but here are their links anyway.)



Where to Buy?

I know you are more than ready to experience the services of these sim cards right after stepping out of your plane. And for some good news, just like other tourist sim cards, Magti and Beeline can be availed at any of their counters and/or kiosks at the international airport in Georgia. What’s even good is that, they usually hand-out free sim cards for tourists, so you just have to pay for your data packages.

Forgot to visit their counter? Don’t worry. Buying sim cards in Georgia, especially in Tbilisi is easy. Aside from the counters at the airport, both Beeline and Magti have retail stores. They would both be happy to assist tourists like you to get your sim card in no time. You can also ask them to help you activate your sim card.

When availing a sim either at an airport or at any Beeline and Magti retail store, you have to present your passport and sign forms (which is usually written in their official language). Don’t forget to pay, too. You can pay in cash or use your credit cards.

Topping Up

Running out of data? You can still top up for your favorite data plan using different methods.

Mobile App.

After choosing your preferred sim card, you may immediately download their application via App Store for iOS devices, or Play Store (or its counterpart) for Android. Why? Because it provides you services such as knowing your data balance, and even top up for a package. For instance, by downloading MyMagti app and registering your number, you can buy load and pay it virtually.

Kiosks in banks.

Having trouble downloading the app? Then go to the nearest bank and find Beeline or Magti kiosks there. It is simple to spot since they are color-coded. First, tap English in the menu options, select mobile payments, enter your phone number, the amount, and pay via credit card or cash.

It’s easy to get a simcard and Georgia and stay connected 

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