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Touring USA through Food


Food tours give a wonderful taste (pun definitely intended) of a place’s culture. I especially love walking food tours, since it gives me the opportunity to learn about the neighborhood in depth before letting me sample the best eats in the area. It’s like killing two birds with one stone: I get to do my sightseeing and culture learning, as well as get dinner, all at the same time. The United States has a mix of many cultures, so I made a point to take food tours in as many cities as possible when I visited. Here are the my top recommendations!

San Francisco 

North Beach Little Italy

North Beach San Francisco
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This food tour is all about the sweet and savory sides of Sand Francisco! Join an engaging tour guide on a walk through the history and flavors of California’s Italian culture. With a mix of everything from meat balls to hot cocoa, how could you go wrong? Be sure to save room at the beginning so you’re not stuffed before the end! You can always go back for more later.

Ferry Building

Ferry Building Tour San Francisco
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If you like your food tours diverse and eclectic, then be sure to try this one! San Francisco has cultural influences from all over the world, and it shows in the Ferry Building tour. The tour focuses on what has become “American” food: French pastries, Vietnamese dishes, and European breads. Yum! Who knew you could find so much goodness in one little area?

Japan Town

Japan Town Edible Excursion

Edible Excursions Food Tours takes you on an Asian adventure during their Japan Town tour. You’ll get to sample delicious ramen (not your college dorm fare, by the way) and other Japanese delights. The best part, though, is the authentic tea house you get to visit! Even if you’re an Asian food expert, you’ll be sure to learn something new on this tour. If you’re new to Asian food, prepare to have your mind blown.


Carpe DC (U and Shaw Street).


You may think of Washington, DC as a place where politicians and business men in fitted suits run to catch subways to earth-shattering meetings, but there is also a strong hipster culture in the area. Taste this and see a glimpse of the chill side of the city when you take the Carpe DC Food Tour. You’ll find a whole different kind of DC to love: street art, yoga, and all.

Mangia (Italy). Mangia Food Tours

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This offers a very different kind of tour. This one explores the Italian subculture of the United States’ capital city. Yes, I know—there are a lot of Italian tours on this guide. But there is a reason for that! Italian food has a lot to love, and you’ll get the best of it on this tour. Enjoy learning local history and tasting local cuisine as you go.

New York

The Original Greenwich Village Food and Walking Tour from Foods of New York Tours

Foods of New York Greenwich VIllage Food Tour

This tour takes you through the streets of a historic Italian neighborhood. Visit all those cute little mom and pop restaurants that you’d totally miss if you went restaurant hunting on your own! You taste buds will thank you—especially when they get a load of that homemade cannoli.

Little Italy and China Town.


The two major ethnic neighborhoods are arguable the ones with the best food, too. Taste both the best of NYC’s Chinatown and Little Italy on this food tour from Ahoy New York Tours. From homemade wontons to homemade pasta, this tour will leave you satisfied and happy. Who says you can’t do two continents in one day?

NoHo/ Nolita.

karlaroundtheworld noho and nolita

You know SoHo, but do you know SoHo? Well, you should! The NoHo and Nolita (North Of Little ITAly) food tour from Taste of New York should be at the top of your NYC to-do list. Tackle the streets of this colorful neighborhood and taste its offerings. Enjoy street art as you go, and learn about the famous people who walked these cracked sidewalks and the history of the local mafia.

Next time you’re on vacation, be sure to book a food tour! I especially recommend the ones listed here. There’s nothing better than learning culture through food, and the United States is so diverse that you can’t do just one. Happy snacking!

16 thoughts on “Touring USA through Food

  1. This isn’t such a classic post for someone like me who is a foodie at heart and even blogs about it. I’d love to visit Little Italy and although China Town is quintessential I’ve been to the ones in Melbourne and some of their cities and feel I can skip that while in US.

    Food tours are the biggest trend these past few years in terms of travel and something I wholeheartedly love and support because so much can be known about a culture by the way they cook

  2. I would love to do a tour like this! This is so cool. If you ever start to make it to my hometown of Oklahoma City let me know. I have lots of foodie suggestions for you there!

  3. USA has so many ‘sub-cultures’ as you rightly refer to them…its fascinating. I’m sure a lot of American influences reflect in the food, but still makes it great to try so many world cuisines in one country.

  4. Those are some great foodie places to visit – San Francisco being my favorite since there are so many neighborhoods with amazing food to explore and many reasonably priced places to try around the entire city.

  5. You’ve got some great foodie places here. I particularly loved being in and around Greenwich Village and all the little offshoots down here. Amazing village feel, some really interesting foods and interesting people. Great to be able to take a tour too.

  6. I’ve never taken a food tour but I can see how it can be appealing – eating great food while exploring a city is always a good thing!

  7. Some great recommendations! I totally agree that food tours are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in both the food scene and the local neighborhoods – I love that they usually involve a really knowledgable guide so you also get a historic tour of the city too!

  8. Love New York’s Little Italy and China Town, it’s really a mini food paradise with a lot of exciting cuisine, dishes and energy. These posts reminded me my time in NYC exploring different dining places. Thanks! @ knycx.journeying

  9. Three of my favorite cities in the US! I love eating in North Beach when I’m in San Francisco. The Italian food I’ve eaten there has been some of my favorite dishes I’ve ever eaten. Next visit I’ll have to make it a full tour!

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