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Top Tips on How to Readjust After a Long Trip


In today’s blog post, Agness and Cez from will give you their tips on how to get back to reality after a great trip.  As expert travelers, they are an in excellent place to give us advice on how to do this because after you have had opportunity to explore the world, your daily routine might seem a bit dull. The following tips can help you get back into the swing of things to make your readjustment as simple as possible.


Before You Go

Remember all the different things you had to do to get ready for your trip? You had to book flights, arrange visas and maybe even get a new passport. None of that stuff is particularly fun, but the excitement of the upcoming trip motivated you. Likewise, you should plan for the end of your voyage.

Before you go, don’t leave your house in a messy state. It is really easy the moments before traveling to tear up the house trying to find something, or just neglect some things you can postpone until later. Coming back to a host of chores you have to do is no fun so make sure your house is clean, bills are paid and everything is in good shape. You will be tired after a long flight and the last thing you are going to want to do is some dishes just some you can have a clean drinking glass.

At the End of Your Trip

Towards the end of your trip, get yourself organized. This doesn’t mean you have to abandon your adventure travel, but now is a good time to start replying to some of those unanswered emails and start getting back into the swing of things.

It may put a slightly sour note on the end of your journey, but answering some emails and getting your mind adjusted a couple days early will help you readjust faster and reduce the initial stress load. Remember, it’s always more fun answering emails at a café next to the beach than in a tiny cubicle.

In addition, pack well and do your laundry. For example, if you are traveling in Southeast Asia where most places charge a few bucks to do all your laundry, then get it taken care of. You don’t really want to deal with packing a bunch of dirty things and it will save you effort when you get home.

Come Back At Least a Day Early

Vacation time is precious, but if you have somehow managed a month or more off from work then arrange to come back a few days before you resume. If you have traveled several time zones, this will give you some time to get reacquainted with home time and get some rest.

Going straight into work or school the next morning can be a harsh change, but if you have a little time to get yourself together, it will be much smoother. Further, this will give you some time to do the little things that make life better like going to the gym, grocery shopping or seeing friends so that you can start to transition easily.

Stay Connected, but Not Too Connected

This is more of a travel tip, but will help you after you get back as well. The entire purpose of a trip is to get away from everything so that you can see something fresh. Nonetheless, in our digital world, getting way from everything is nearly impossible.

Most people you know will be aware of the fact that you are traveling, so if you do not like to communicate too much, it is understood. Nonetheless, taking the time to send a photo or a little joke to a friend or coworker will brighten up his or her day and will keep your relationship smooth. On the other extreme of things, you do not need to upload every single thing you see to Instagram and constantly be updating your Facebook status.

Strike a balance between both being completely MIA and always present through social media. So much of traveling is waiting time in airports, train stations and so on. Use this to check in with friends and family, but leave the phone on airplane mode the rest of the time so that you can really enjoy the moment.

You Need to Love Where You Are

In some ways, you should never have to go on vacation. Your normal life should be enjoyable enough so that vacation is an enjoyable option, not a necessity. This is a bit of an ideal, but going home shouldn’t feel like a curse to you. Hopefully, there are some things that you missed while you were gone.

If this is not the case, this is why travel is such a great opportunity. Although it is so much fun to get carried away with our adventures, it is also a chance for you to reflect on your life. Use this time away to think about your life. What can you do to make yourself happier? Would you be happier if you moved somewhere else or changed careers? Whatever the case, take some time on your journey to think about your daily life and what you can do to make it better.

No Matter Where You Go, You are Always There

Just because your trip is over, it does not mean your fun has to end. The same open-mind that you had on your journey about trying new foods, meeting new people and going somewhere unusual is something you should always do because life is always an adventure no matter where you go.


Do you have any strategies for how to beat the post-holiday blues?

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