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Top 5 Crimes You’ve Been Doing Against Your Skin


The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is a complete system that shields us from the elements and protects all those itty-bitty bits inside us. Sadly, though, we keep committing countless trespasses against it as we go about daily.  Whether it’s our daily commute under the sun and smog or, like in my case, regular adventures throughout the great outdoors, here’s a list of the crimes our skin would have charged us if it could!

  1. Smoking. This may or may not be you, but smoking (or even just inhaling secondhand smoke) prevents the blood from passing on nourishment to the skin. This causes a plethora of problems, not the least of which is wrinkled or leathery skin. Not to mention, smoking can cause skin cancer among many other ailments. Plus, smoking can get you caught by the real police too if you do it in public places!


  1. Bingeing on coffee. Too much of anything can be bad, and not only can coffee cause the jitters, it can also cause skin dehydration. It is well-known that coffee makes you lose fluid through urination, and this fluid has to be taken from other parts of the body — your skin, primarily. The lack of sleep that coffee causes can also make your skin look worse than it should, letting dullness and aging get in the way.


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  1. Going chemical. There’s too much chemicals available for the skin these days, and while they can certainly help in clearing the skin or giving it a better complexion, they are also the primary culprit that makes it more sensitive and prone to allergies. In fact, relying on topical treatments too much can increase the chance of your skin aging prematurely! It can also get more easily damaged by the sun, pollution, and the elements.


While these chemicals may be necessary for many, it’s important to pair them with protection when heading out. This is one reason (and more later) why sunscreen is a very important part of a person’s skin care arsenal. And not just any sunscreen too, as some sunscreens contain chemicals that turn into free radicals when struck by UV rays! Make sure you choose the right brand. A good one is Kojie•san’s line of sunblocks that cater to different needs without unnecessarily harming the skin


  1. Bathing the wrong way. Moisturizing is a no-brainer, and everyone knows we should do it. But there are some practices we unknowingly do that strips moisture away from the skin. This includes spending too much time in the bath! You think your skin would be happy with all that water? It won’t. In fact, spending more than 10 minutes in the bath will cause your skin to leach moisture away. Same thing with using water that’s too hot, which washes away the natural moisturizing oils of the skin. After bathing, it’s also important to apply moisturizer in order to lock in the moisture.

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  1. Letting the skin’s mortal enemy win. And what is the skin’s mortal enemy, you ask? Why, the sun of course! We all know the dreadful effects of UVA and UVB rays, which can burn the outer layer of the skin. These rays fast forward time and cause premature wrinkles and fine lines (in fact, these same rays are also used in industries to test the endurance of plastic materials). Another threat from the sun is infrared radiation, which cooks the deeper layers of the skin leaving damage rarely detected. Outward symptoms can range anywhere from skin darkening and inflammation to skin cancer. Not to mention, sunlight striking various pollutants in the air produces various chemical reactions that can cause further harm.


Of course, it’s impossible to stay out from the sun for too long, especially for those like me for whom the outdoors is life! So what is a girl to do? I’ve mentioned the answer earlier: bring a good sunblock around! It doesn’t matter that the summer is almost over, since the sun will always be there to wreak havoc on the skin. Me, I always bring around a bottle of Kojie•san sunblock to protect me. There are various variants for various uses, such as sports or those who want a whitening solution with their sunscreen. There are also various SPF levels, and generally it is recommended to never go out without an SPF protection of at least 30. Kojie•san effectively fights not just the sun’s rays but its effects on the skin. Call it the armor your integumentary system badly deserves.


So now that you know the top crimes you’re guilty off against your skin, it’s time to make a little change! Just like any other organ, when your skin fails then your body soon follows.

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