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Toby’s Estate Introduces New Single-Origin Wonders


Toby’s Estate is one of the more recognizable brands of specialty coffee around the world. Sure, it’s not as big as some of the juggernaut companies with all the pizzazz and marketing gimmicks. Neither does it offer an endless range of products with all kinds of ingredients. It remains focused on just a few products. In fact, in the Philippines, it offers just a handful of tastes — two kinds of espresso blends and three kinds of single-origins.

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And that’s exactly where Toby’s brews the magic. Instead of thinning itself out over a wide range of coffee products, it has focused itself on serving the best of the best in a specific coffee niche. It is a definitive face of third-wave coffee. But that does not mean there is no room for expansion, though. In fact, this past August 21, Toby’s launched a cupping and tasting session for three new single-origin coffees that they’re introducing.


What is “single-origin”?

 Single-origin coffee is, as the name suggests, derived from a single geographic region. It may be a single country, city, or even farm. This is in contrast to blends that can come from all over. Single-origin coffee has the advantage of flaunting a very specific flavor, and estate coffee — just like Toby’s — are great examples.

In the event, Toby’s introduced the following variants:

The 3 new products

Kenya Asali AA.

These are fairly large coffee beans that have a light-bodied taste. The rich tones are overlaid with an aroma of bright tropical fruit, and a cocoa finish. It’s fairly acidic, and has an aftertaste that’s a bit wine-y. The name, like almost all single-origin coffee, is derived from its country of origin.


Panama FST.

This coffee has a honey base and a rounded, medium-bodied flavor with hints of chocolate. FST stands for Finca Santa Teresa. Toby’s is particularly proud of its Panamanian farm, and the positive impact it has caused on the local community. It’s equally great to enjoy the fruits of their business in the cup!



This is a proudly Philippine single-origin, sourced from Bukidnon. It has a Filipino hint to it, too, with its muscovado sweetness and floral aftertaste. The slim, elongated, pointed beans pack more of a flavor than one would expect at first glance. It’s the least acidic of the three new members of the Toby’s menu, so it’s perfect for those who do not like the sting associated with coffee!Toby's-Estate

What was fun was the fact that we tried several ways of brewing the coffee, and they still tasted great no matter which way! We tried it over ice brew and over Chemex, too. The latter really brought out the really distinct flavor of each, so even inexperienced tasters get to understand the differing tastes. And since not everyone had experienced cupping and tasting in the past, we were also taught its finer points.Toby's-Estate

Aside from the great coffee, we also had our share of Toby’s delectable apple pies! Baked apples were covered in a thin crust and served with walnut crumble and whipped cream, in a serving that’s good for two. It’s lovely, and perfect with the Estate’s artisanal coffee — a combination that’s truly a must-try!


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