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My Tipsy Tales Lambana Experience

Tipsy Tales Lambana


Us Filipinos, the ones those who we call 90s kids, grew up hearing stories about creatures that wreak havoc and terror into the night. We heard the most terrifying tales of Kapre, the cigar-smoking creature who kidnaps kids and our version of Bigfoot, the Nuno sa Punso, the tiny goblins who bring misfortune than luck, and the Sirena, the beautiful half woman half fish that attract fishermen and seduce them to their deaths.

Tipsy Tales Eastwood

I am pretty much sure that these tales, among other hundreds more, kept us inside our homes when nightfall strikes. I still clearly remember my grandma telling all these tales every night to us her grandkids, I really missed those days.

Tipsy Tales Lambana Adventure

Now, imagine that same scene with your grandma, only this one, let’s you experience the closest to real encounters with these night creatures. An experience so immersive that it’ll take you the time when you really feel fear these mythical beasts (some of us still though). 

Tipsy Tales Lambana

Now, If you’re into an adventure that’s both enchanting and amusing, Tipsy Tales located in Quezon City’s Eastwood Mall can provide that plus other extras. It’s ideal for those who want to experience the world of Philippine folklore.

Tipsy Tales Lambana Experience

Everything has its first and in this case, Tipsy Tales combined different elements to give its customers a deeply engaging choose your own adventure theater concept. This is perfect for me and my friends because we all love plays, musicals, and mystery escape room games. Yes, just like most of you, I also get scared easily, but all for adventure, I went to try it anyway.

Tipsy Tales Lambana

Immersive theater setups like this one are something that’s not new to me, I’ve been to Alice’s Adventure Underground in London a few years ago, but it’s different if it’s your own childhood folklore is presented on this format. Once I learned that Tipsy Tales had here in Quezon City, I immediately knew who I should tag along.

Tipsy Tales Lambana

I brought three of my friends who are willing to participate in this kind of unusual theater adventure. Once you entered, you will be asked if you have allergies or medical conditions that may affect the whole experience. The show is available in two language formats, Engish and Filipino, so it’s up to you what to choose, and I and my friends chose different languages.

Tipsy Tales Lambana
Tipsy Tales Immersive Theatre with Friends

In traditional theaters, you just sit back and relax, but not this one. Lambana immersive theater will let you be a character of the story. It began with the classic set up, you and your friends gather around with grandma, and she begins with an engaging story of a girl and her encounters with night creatures of Philippine folklore.

Tipsy Tales Lambana

And when sleepiness hits you, you will be abruptly troubled by hearing one of your friends was seized by one of the night creatures. Then you will bump into an elf-like creature who’s name is Mara.

You and your friends will be divided into smaller groups. The first group will be assigned for the rescuing of your friend, while the other will undergo a different adventure. Be careful of who to trust, Mara and other creatures can be deceiving.

Tipsy Tales Lambana

Lambana is a show that has open-ended scenarios, and each ending is unique depending on the choices you made while interacting with the elementals and creatures of the story. I was screaming and scared the whole time because the show is live, so expect that you’ll be surprised every now and then.  Lambana will immerse you in the story, so all your senses will be at work, even your sense of taste.

They rotate the cast members daily, to make sure that it is a different experience every time you visit. And on this visit, I and my friends really enjoyed this immersive experience. We’ll bring more friends or companions next time. This is perfect also for team buildings and a group of families. Don’t worry because they adjust the stories if there are younger audiences (12 years old and above only).

I’ll definitely go back and experience Lambana Tipsy Tales again.

Tipsy Tales Lambana
Set on Tipsy Tales

Tipsy Tales Lambana

Rates, Schedules, and Location

For those who wanted to try the experience I had, here are the ticket prices: 

Regular – Php 2,000

Student Rate – Php 1,700

Senior Citizen Rate – Php 1,500

PWD Rate – Php 1,500
You’ll also be glad to know that they give discounts for groups and company team buildings. They are open daily, with the show schedules 1:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm, 5:30pm, 7:00pm, and 8:30pm at a maximum of 15 people per show.

Sing “Christmas 🎄 Tickets” at the door (or through our Facebook Messenger) and get an exclusive Php 1199 ticket price, this Holiday Season! 🎉

Valid from November 15 – December 30, 2019 only. Shows daily from 1pm – 8:30pm. Get your tickets now!

Tipsy Tales’ headquarters is located on the 4th floor of the Eastwood Mall, 116 Orchard Road,   Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Eastwood is accessible by public utility vehicles and private cars.

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