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Tips on How To Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets

Of course, we all want to watch shows especially if you can get it for a good deal. Here are some ways I survived my Broadway Marathon in New York

Line up at TKTS

Every New Yorker recognizes the long line at Times Square as the TKTS line. TKTS sells extra Broadway show tickets for 20% -50% off the original price.

This is a sweet deal for any Broadway show lover who does not mind watching any of the amazing shows playing on that day. Since these are extra tickets, you cannot really choose a seat, you’ll be given what is available. But, there is a good chance for you to grab a great seat too, so it is worth a try.

TKTS opens at 10am on Wednesday and Saturdays for matinee shows and 3pm for other shows.

Download the TKTS app to check which shows are available. If you find at least three shows you like head to a TKTS booth located at Times Square, South Street Seaport, Downtown Brooklyn and Lincoln Center.

Shop online for tickets

Do you have one particular show you’d like to see? You can save money on ticket prices if you know where to find it.

Several websites are dedicated for cheaper Broadway tickets but of course, expect some sacrifices on your part.

If you are willing to wait for the box office to open at the crack of dawn, then go for Rush tickets. You can get seats anywhere from the front row to the rear mezzanine and enjoy the show playing today.

Not a morning person? Maybe you’ll have a better chance for SRO tickets. Although there are only a number of spots available behind the orchestra, one ticket per spot. I’ve tried this before for a $27 ticket to the “Book of Mormon” which I found out using the Playbill website.

Want to sit instead? Grab an onstage seat. Shows like “Spring Awakening” and “Xanadu” cut ticket prices for side or rear view seats near the stage. One drawback, some scenes may be obscured from view.

Digital lottery is also popular but as the name suggests, it is a lottery so you may or may not win a seat. But if you do win you can have a very good seat in the theater. I tried it once for “Matilda” and won a mezzanine seat for $32 using the Broadway Direct website

You can also visit the production’s own website for ticket discounts.

It may be a good idea to visit to see a list of all Broadway shows, when and where it is playing plus a list of available discounts. Click on the link found in the website and a popup window will display details of the discount and where to avail it. 

Use Promo codes

There are also websites that offer discounts on tickets by giving you promotional codes. You can use these promo codes when you buy tickets online via Ticketmaster or Telecharge.

Want a bit more savings? Buy the ticket at the theater and use the same promo code. This way, you do not need to pay the extra fees charged for online ticket sales.

You can find promo codes from BroadwayBox, TheaterMania and also on Playbill.

Become a member

For additional discounts, consider becoming a member of the Theater Development Fund. Members can enjoy advance tickets for less than $35 (not for all shows) and you do not need to wait in line.

Annual membership fee is $27.50. Visit their website to check if you are eligible.

Other Discounts

Discounted tickets are offered for different age groups in several theater places.  Students may get tickets as low as $20. Kids and senior citizens may get discounts so bring your family along.

If you really want to watch a Broadway show, forget regret, search for the cheapest ticket and go defy gravity.



24 thoughts on “Tips on How To Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets

  1. You are so close to the truth that anybody would love to experience watching any show on Broadway! I would love to experience Broadway soon too, its on my bucketlist. Any show would do as long as Im on Broadway.

  2. We have a similar set up in London. To be honest I avoid full price west-end tickets – they are so expensive these days. This is a good set of tips for when I visit NYC next

  3. As a New Yorker I would say great tips! I also love when they have there bi yearly deals on tickets. Sometimes hard to get. I know someone who wins the lottery for pretty much every show.

  4. Cheap or not, the shows are really good! I remember spending quite a lot to see one without knowing about these alternatives. I’ll keep these in mind for the future.

  5. Even though I lived in NY for over a year, I never attended a Broadway show because they are so expensive. I didn’t know there were ways to get such discounted tickets. $27 for the Book of Mormon is incredible! I’ll definitely have to check out a few of these tips and websites before the next time I go to NY for a visit!

  6. I was so glad I traveled with my student card because the discounts, especially on broadway, were pretty reasonable!! It’s been my secret weapon ever since, highly recommend everyone traveling who is still at school to hook up an international student ID 🙂

  7. This is super helpful for people looking to get a deal on a Broadway ticket. I did a theatre criticism course in London and got to see loads of plays, but I’ve kind of fallen off track lately. Next time I’m in New York, I’ll book a ticket for sure.

  8. I didn’t realize there were so many options to get cheaper tickets at the last minute. I think SRO tickets would be the best option for me. Thanks!

  9. Thanks Karla for all your awesome tips on how to score a cheap ticket. These tips are really helpful to people who would love to score deal. Would check this in case Ill visit NYC to watch some Broadway shows 🙂

  10. Shopping online at websites dedicated to cheaper tickets makes a lot of sense! Even if the selection is limited, I’m sure it would be worth it to save money, or potentially to get tickets to a show that is already listed as sold out. The same concept probably applies to other types of concerts, and even sporting events as well.

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