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All Patched Up and Ready to Go with Tiger Balm Plaster

Everyone seems to be pretty busy nowadays. A lot of people are balancing personal activities and careers almost on a daily basis. It is all too easy to get stressed from everything, especially during this busy season. While I myself enjoy walking, hiking and traveling, my work always brings me back in front of the computer or sitting down for long periods of time during flights from here and there.  More often than not, I tend to experience some pain, especially in my shoulders and back. It has become a habit for me to bring Tiger Balm in all of my trips, specifically their latest product: the Tiger Balm Plaster.

Tiger Balm Ph

Tiger Balm is already well known for their soothing ointments and creams for body aches and pains. The brand originated from a Chinese herbalist who sold medicinal ointments for pain relief in Rangoon, now known as Yangon, Myanmar. It’s amazing to realize that they have been promoting wellness and pain-free lives for over a century already. Needless to say, they really know their stuff when it comes to aches and pains.

Their newest product, Tiger Balm Plaster, is a warm pain relief patch, intended for use on stiff or tired muscles, for various aches, and for body pain. I love that the packaging is very travel-friendly. It’s small, thin, and light to carry. I can place it in my handbag or in my luggage; it’s really easy to fit anywhere. And being in a sealed package means I don’t lug around heavy bottles of ointment creams in my bag or risk them breaking and spilling out on my clothes. It’s perfect for someone like me, who is constantly traveling and moving from place to place.

Tiger Balm
Shot by Claire Santiago

Another thing I like about it is that it is comfortable to use, and doesn’t really burn in a painful or stinging way. It’s easy to apply on the skin. My skin is also able to breathe when it’s on, so it’s not gross from sweat during use. It’s also painless and easy to remove the next day. There are no sticky residues left on the skin when it’s removed, so it’s very convenient to use as well.

Tiger Balm Ph

During my trek to Langtang Valley in Nepal, Gergeti Glaciers in Kazbegi and to Tusheti in Georgia, where we did several multi-day hikes, Tiger Balm helped me so much. It helped me relieve my muscle soreness from the day’s activities. I would put it on before sleeping and it helped me sleep without the discomfort of my aching muscles waking me up. I even placed one on my temple during the time I got a headache or needed to clear my nose to breathe properly. I can testify that was very effective and soothing for me. The pain relief it gave lasted for as long as a day.

4300m kyanjinri

Not only that, personally for me, climbing in different weathers required a high level of strength and stamina. It was very challenging to climb and to constantly be on the go, which made it very easy to get sick.  I’m so thankful I brought Tiger Balm Plaster with me during those hikes. It helped me recover easily and quickly.

I highly recommend the Tiger Balm Plaster for people experiencing sore muscles and aches. Most of the time we are always too busy to take care of ourselves that we neglect to listen to our bodies when it’s tired.  It also works for people who  goes to fitness class or excercise classes like in our case, we did spinning at Electric Studio. I really enjoyed the class by the way and since my body isn’t used to it yet, tiger balm helped me power though it.

I think that the Tiger Balm Plaster is a helpful, convenient, and easy option for busy people. Just put it in a your bag or slip in between a notebook. It’s best to have Tiger Balm Plaster on hand to help you recover and keep up so you can keep on going and reach the top of your game.

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