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The Fantasy Lodge In Samboan, Cebu: Your New Getaway Nest

We were looking for a nice place to stay for our group vacation to Cebu, as we were planning to check out the whale sharks in Oslob and visit a couple of waterfalls as part of our trip. We ended up booking with the Fantasy Lodge via Air BnB, which turned out to be a great choice. First of all, the places we wanted to visit on our itinerary were accessible from the lodge, with the Aguinid Falls (being in Samboan as well) just five minutes away, and the Kawasan Falls were only 45 minutes away. Oslob was only half an hour’s travel from the Fantasy Lodge, so the convenience was a huge plus in my book, especially as we were using our own vehicles and it definitely helped save on the gas.

The staff were also very accommodating and welcoming from the get-go. It wasn’t easy for them since there were 14 people total in our group—and as the lodge’s accommodations, as a quaint little bed and breakfast inn, were limited to 18 people, it was basically just our group and a couple occupying the entire place, making us feel like we had a whole large house to ourselves! For our entire stay, the staff would patiently handle our requests and questions, and even took the trouble to help us arrange for our entertainment while we were there by getting a karaoke set-up and mah-jong table for us, which was great! Never underestimate the power of staff to make or break a vacation. I was really pleased with the way they took care of things for us.


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The rooms were fan rooms, but that wasn’t a problem, as Samboan was very cool and breezy and we wanted to take advantage of the fresh air anyway. There were several relaxing things to do at the Fantasy Lodge, such as trying the Kawa hot bath or getting a soothing massage or manicure and pedicure in their in-lodge spa—I would particularly recommend trying the Kawa bath there as you can enjoy a perfect view of the sunset while you dip in the water.


The spa itself actually faces the beach so you can really marvel at the natural beauty of Cebu while you’re destressing. There’s also their pool if you feel like taking a cooling swim instead. There’s also a long, winding way to the beachfront, which in itself is a bit of an adventure, but the beautiful, clear water of Samboan makes the walk down their stairs totally worth it! Their viewdeck also comes with a gorgeous view of the sea, so you can recline and read a book in peace and quiet if you’re done swimming. If you want to walk around a bit, the lodge also has a beautiful garden…and their monkey, Pogi, who was absolutely charming and did not bother the guests one bit.


All the adventuring we did throughout our stay—from going to Oslob and venturing to the falls—definitely helped us work up an appetite, so it was imperative that we fill ourselves up with great food everyday. While the meals in the Fantasy Lodge are a bit pricier than what you’d expect, you’re definitely getting what you pay for, as their food selection was very varied and quite delicious. I particularly recommend the pizza—we would have that in the afternoons with fresh juice or other drinks. My brothers can also vouch for the deliciousness of their pork chops and salpicao, perfect after a long day of trekking around. In the mornings, we could choose from Filipino or continental-style breakfast options, and we had the option of telling the staff the night before that we wanted our breakfast served at a particular time—now that’s service! The bread and jam served in the in-lodge restaurant were homemade, which is something I always appreciate.


They’re also expanding the resort area to have more rooms and accommodate more guests, while maintaining that rustic, close-to-nature feel courtesy of their lovely decor and open-air environment. In the meantime, if you’re not into fan rooms, they have The Dome, which is a private accommodation with a better view of the mountains and sea and affords guests more privacy—ideal for couples on a romantic getaway. This lodge was actually a highlight of the trip, and made our whole vacation that much more comfortable. Overall, we had a great time during our stay in the Fantasy Lodge, and I would definitely recommend it as a wonderful option if you’re looking for accommodations while you’re sightseeing in the area.


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39 thoughts on “The Fantasy Lodge In Samboan, Cebu: Your New Getaway Nest

  1. Gosh that place is seriously nice! I wish I found out about this when we were planning our Oslob adventure. Oh well, there’s still a next time.

  2. Beautiful! I love how relaxing it looks, and I always love places that are small and the staff goes out of their way to help their guests.

    PS. love your swimsuit!

  3. It looks amazing! And the pizza, nomnom:-) I haven’t been to this part of Cebu (only stayed at Cebu city the day before taking a boat to Bohol) but would love to go back to the Philippines, so beautiful!!!

  4. Hi Karla!
    I´m sold, can we go to the Fantasy Lodge tomorrow?!! 🙂
    I loved the idea of having Kawa bath during sunset, life can´t get better than this! Thanks for sharing the tips, we are planning our next trip to Philippines for July this year, your post is very handy!
    Cheers and safe travels!


  5. This is very timely as we are going to Oslob and Badian this weekend. But we made some changes in our itinerary. Instead of spending the night in Oslob, we’ll be going to Badian. This is a nice place to stay. If we end up finding an accommodation in Oslob, we’ll consider this. Or, maybe we can check this out as well while we’re there. -Claire Algarme

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