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Buying a sim card or Wifi Rentals in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

Buying Sim Cards in Taiwan

SIM Cards, Data Plans, and Wi-Fi Rentals in Taiwan   Taiwan has fast become an alternative country to visit for Filipinos, apart from Hong Kong and Thailand and Japan. Yup, it is attracting lots of travelers because of its night markets, food, and (drum rolls please) free Wi-Fi. While we are always

Taipei Travel Guide: Taipei 5 days Itinerary for First Timers


Taiwan is only two hours away via plane from the Philippines. And, just recently, Filipinos can travel to Taiwan without the need to apply for a travel visa, provided that the stay will not be more than 14 days. This is only temporary but can be extended or be permanent

What to do in Taipei : Visit Huashan and Songshan Creative Park

Taipei Creative Parks

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Huashan 1914 Creative Park are housed in two of the sturdiest establishments that were built during the Japanese colonial era in Taiwan. During their heydays, the two industrial plants gave the people in Taiwan a means to earn a living and eventually, helped boost

What to do in Taipei : Ultimate Taipei Day Tour with My Taiwan Tour for the best tour of One day in Taipei

Taiwan has a rich history and heritage from which you can trace aboriginal culture, ancient Chinese and Japanese-influences. Taiwan is also known for their lush green parks, hot springs, night markets and unique architecture. You can find all these in their capital city, Taipei. Walking around the Taipei City is not

Where to Stay in Taipei : Meander Taipei Hostel Review

Taiwan has been a foodie haven for me.  But aside from all the delicious food, I’m glad to find a comfortable, secure, and English-friendly base like Meander Hostel. Meander  Taipei Hostel is a two-star hotel sitting in the east corner of Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei. After your long-hour flight or

Best Guide of Jiufen Taiwan : What to see, eat and do in Jiufen


Many find the place Jiufen intriguing since it is believed to be the inspiration of the Japanese movie “Spirited Away.” Jiufen is also known as a film location for the award-winning film “City of Sadness.” Before the movies “Spirited Away” and “City of Sadness”, Jiufen was a simple and secluded village