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Tai O Infinity Pool : A photography walk


How to Get There


1. Take the MTR to Tung Chung Station Exit B
2. Take Bus 11 to Tai O bus terminus ( 50 minutes)

• By MTR- Cable Car and Bus

1. Take the MTR to Tung Chung Station Exit B
2. Take Ngong Ping Cable Car to Ngong Pin Village
3. Take bus 21 to Tai O

• From Mui Wo

1. Take Bus 1

Our Story

I’ve heard of Tai-O several times before, but touring fishing villages did not appeal to me. Coming from a third world country, this and houses on stilts were not new to me. This time around though, I heard that there was a natural infinity pool there, and so that was the clincher for me to say yes to an adventure to Tai O.

Tai O is home to Tanka people. It’s a small island that you can explore by foot, but a lot of tours are peddled the moment you get there. One is the chance to catch the rare pink dolphin for HKD 25.Kay and I decided to explore on our own. We had a long stroll towards the back of the island where we found a lot of quiet reflection spots.
Tai O is said to be a photographer’s paradise, and I could see why.

When we had had enough of temples, we decided to go for the infinity pool. Kay and I decided to hike to the pool at 3pm. At that point, everyone else was on their way back down, while we were on our way up.
To get to the pool, look for a stone bridge near the bus terminal and walk up to the little village on the other side. Walk along the side of the shore and follow the markers to Man Cheung Po until you’ve reached 2.4 km ( 35 minutes). At this point, don’t follow the sign that points to the stairs. instead, follow the path until you see another set of stairs; that’s where you head up. You know you’re not lost if you see a little blue house.

As expected, after an hour of humid and sweaty climb, we reached our destination. We loved it; even more so because we had it all to ourselves. Unfortunately though, people were no longer allowed to swim. It was being constructed as a water source for the village, so there is a fine if you attempt to swim.

The next time you have nothing else to do, venture out to Tai O for a taste of seafood, a glimpse of dolphins, a thirst for photographic places, and admiration for natural infinities.

14 thoughts on “Tai O Infinity Pool : A photography walk

  1. So picturesque!! Looks like such a beautiful place for a hike! We’ve started hiking a lot more so this will be on the list when we make it to the area!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the useful information about getting there. Usually, it’s hard to find that kind of details. Btw, your pictures are amazing!

  3. Nice walk – although I had to browse around the rest of your blog to figure out which country you were talking about!!

  4. This place is amazing. I have never heard about it although I have been to hong kong several times. Thank you so much for sharing. next time I’m around i will go there for sure!!!!

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