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Must-Eat in Philadelphia’s The Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Philadelphia

There is so much to love about Philadelphia. This gem of the northeast is a home to several iconic American Revolution landmarks. Aside for its picturesque landscape and rich cultural history, the city is also known for its historic farmers market which seemingly enthralls both seasoned locals and amateur tourists who are

Ultimate Guide to Boston : Neighborhood and Sights


Boston a city known for its brainy students, old historical sites, sports fans, the “T”, outstanding food and fantastic neighborhoods.   Here are the places you should see in Boston: Beacon Hill Beacon Hill maybe a bit intimidating for most as it is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the area. However, try

Best Places to View New York Skyline


Walking on the streets of New York always feel magical especially for tourists, for how can a foreign land feel so familiar and yet you have never seen anything like it either.   Whatever reason you are here, you’ve never really seen anything until you have visited some of these iconic spots:   911

Why Visit Coney Island

Coney Island is a New York City conglomerate amusement park that has been around for ages. If you want to get to Coney Island, you can take the train to Stillwell Avenue, take the bus, hop on Express Bus from Manhattan, or drive a car to the lot at West

Liquid Art House : Artsy Restaurant in Boston


Finally -- A Real Art House Where You Can Eat The past few years has seen an increase in the number of “art houses” that also double as “food houses”. However, there’s a problem with most of them. It appears that for the most part, they are just restaurants outfitted with

Best Rooftop Bars in NYC

  Ah, a night under the stars with a cold drink in your hand. Nothing can beat that… except for a night under the neon with a cold drink in your hand! There are some great rooftop bars in NYC, and I wish I could have spent a night at every

Ultimate Guide to Philadelphia

Want to visit the city of many firsts? Come by Philadelphia and see for yourself how this city started it all, kept its traditions and continued to prosper in the present. When visiting this World Heritage city (one of only two in the country), make sure to see these amazing places: