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10 Best Hiking and Trekking Trail in Sri Lanka

Traveling Sri Lanka is really an interesting  to visit, you get your dose of wildlife, beaches, tea plantations, architecture, culture, and many others but more than that for those who love adventure, you get your dose of hiking and trekking trails as well.  Planning a trip to Sri Lanka is also

Sri Lanka Travel Tips for First Timers

Sri Lanka Travel Tips

Things You Need to Know When Planning a Visit to Sri Lanka Nothing is more exciting than a first time, especially when it’s travelling to Sri Lanka! Just hearing the name and it will immediately create breathtaking pictures of calming beaches, artistic temples, and green forests in your imagination. It’s also

Best things to Do in Galle, Sri Lanka


Located in the south-west coast of Sri Lanka, the Galle Fort is a listed UNESCO Heritage site for its well-preserved Fort city bearing old European architecture. And, a walk around the Galle Fort is not an ordinary heritage tour.   The Galle Fort today is a home to trendy and present-day restaurants