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Where to Eat in Mykonos : Catari


Consuming Catari It’s common sense, you know? If you want something Italian, you go to Italy. If you want something Greek, you go to Greece. But can you go to Greece for Italian? Well… as a matter of fact, you can! One of the best meals we had in Mykonos, Greece was

Where to eat in Mykonos : Bakalo


Binging in Bakalo   Thus far in our experience we have had a feast of seafood and Italian tastes. But we’re in Greece! Greek food should hold its own! Like in many other cultures, Greek cuisine thrives on the successful transfer of traditional recipes from one generation to the next. Hence, the best

Santorini : Karma


In Karma’s Embrace   For many people, “traditional Greek” settings would mean earth-toned environs with surroundings hewn from stone and clay, brass and wood. Rough walls contrast with a peaceful atmosphere, evoking the old glory of this cradle of civilization. It is bold and raw, yet grounded and serene. Now, how about

Downtown and Halsted

In the busy financial district of Taguig City, you can find a modest bar and restaurant, Downtown and Halsted. With the simple industrial design theme of the watering hole, it is given life by graffiti, canvas paintings, photographs, films, and music. This is beside the food and drinks. Even right from

Lake District Tagaytay


There have been a lot of talk about the famous Lake District Restaurant in Lounge found in Tagaytay, Philippines. People have had a lot of mixed feelings about this place, saying it is a bit pricey and that the service is average. However, most of the people who send their

Joey Pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni aims to show a modern Italian-American flavors at a fair price. And, Joey Pepperoni does not fail in delighting the Filipinos with these flavors. In fact, Joey Pepperoni has already been in the Philippines for so many years now.   In this article, I’d like to share my dining experience

Taiwan in Manila: Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen

Taiwan, just like many Asian countries, has an incredible food culture, and there seems to be a never-ending supply of delicious and interesting foods to try. But you don’t need to be in Taiwan in order to devour its authentic dishes because Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen in SM North EDSA has