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Best Places to View New York Skyline


Walking on the streets of New York always feel magical especially for tourists, for how can a foreign land feel so familiar and yet you have never seen anything like it either.   Whatever reason you are here, you’ve never really seen anything until you have visited some of these iconic spots:   911

Why Visit Coney Island

Coney Island is a New York City conglomerate amusement park that has been around for ages. If you want to get to Coney Island, you can take the train to Stillwell Avenue, take the bus, hop on Express Bus from Manhattan, or drive a car to the lot at West

Best Rooftop Bars in NYC

  Ah, a night under the stars with a cold drink in your hand. Nothing can beat that… except for a night under the neon with a cold drink in your hand! There are some great rooftop bars in NYC, and I wish I could have spent a night at every

Traveling New York with CityPass


They say New York is the city that never sleeps. But come nighttime, most tourists would be too spent to do anything but sleep soundly. The place just has too many attractions that it would take several days before you could set foot in them all. Then there’s the matter

Exploring Bushwick: One of the Coolest Neighborhood in the World


A couple of years ago, Bushwick was just another working class neighborhood not quite like the bright Manhattan. Now, this neighborhood is fast becoming the new hip neighborhood attracting not only students looking for cheaper rent but also up and coming artists, musicians, chefs and restaurateur - all adding to an

Eats on Lex : Dry Aged Burgers and More


Eating at Eats, and Loving It When you see a food place that for the most part looks like your average corner restaurant, you’d probably go in expecting regular fast-food-like offerings. But when a recognized food authority like hails that place as the best in anything, one is bound to

Photo Tour in Bushwick with NYC Tours & Photo Safaris

Nyc Tours and Photo Safari

New York City When people hear New York, there is no doubt that the first thing that comes to mind is the captivating chaos of Times Square or the flashy glamour of Broadway, or maybe even the heartrending impression of Ground Zero or the iconic landmark that is the Statue of

Behind the Scenes of Disney Broadway by Walks of New York

  Exploring New York is one of the #lifegoals of most travelers nowadays, including me and my friend. It’s a city which will make you feel all sorts of emotions just by wandering the crowded streets, admiring museums or visiting Broadway theatres, if you’re a big fan of musicals. If it’s your

Kobe Beef in 212 Steakhouse NYC

We’ve tried the one and only Kobe beef distributor in the east coast and we could not help but rave about it. In all of America, there are only eight restaurants that has a license to cook and serve Kobe beef and in all eight, there is just one restaurant in