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Nepal Travel Guide and 22 Nepal Travel Tips

Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal is definitely one of the most diverse and exciting countries in the world - depending on the day you could be in the middle of a busy, bustling market street in Thamel looking through an amazing selection of local fabrics and clothing. And the next day you could be

Langtang Trek complete guide to Kyanjin Ri

langtang trek

Nepal is known for its amazing mountainous hiking spots which feature expansive views of the natural resources the country is blessed with. Thus, trekking in Nepal is one of the best activities to do when visiting. There are hiking areas aplenty, but the Langtang trek, located in Langtang National Park

Reasons Why you should stay in a Homestay in Nepal

Panauti Homestay Community

1. Experience the city like a local You don’t need to pay for cooking lessons, knitting lessons, farming lessons - whatever other lessons there may be! You can stay with a local and learn directly from them the different tasks and activities they do on a day to day basis without

Panauti Homestay Experience

Panauti Homestay

My Patan Homestay definitely made me love staying in one, therefore, I chose to do another Homestay in Panauti. My Royal Mountain Travel guide picked me up yet again. I was sad to go, but unfortunately, it was a must - I needed to make do and adjust with the