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Meteora: A Glimpse of the Sunset Tour


Riding to The Sunset In the Middle Of The Sky \The majesty of Meteora may strike one as unscalable, but it is really easy to get around. For starters, there are tours just like the Sunset Tour we joined on our first day in the area. There were 2 minibuses waiting

Rock Scrambling with Visit Meteora : A must do


Great Saint, In the Middle of the Sky   One of the things that drive adventure is the fact that you can do something you did not think possible. This idea played in my mind as I stared up at the huge cliff face looming ahead. I was looking at the formidable

What to do in Meteora : Ultimate Guide to Meteora


A Finger to the Sky, An Eye to the World   In the western area of Greece’s Thessaly region, a forest of rocks stands as an amazing monument to the sculpting prowess of the earth. Immense fingers of rock thrusted out from the earth, forming a breath-taking site. This is Meteora, whose