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Exploring Ahmedabad in 3 Days (Gujarat, India)

Instagrammable Spots in Gandhi Circuit Gujarat India - Jama Masjid Ahmedabad

Travel Guides: Exploring the Splendor of Ahmedabad in 3 Days Ahmedabad—at first mention may sound like a low-key Indian city. However, upon further exploration, one will discover a wealth of wonders hidden inside this capital city of Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the first UNESCO World Heritage City of India—having been declared as

9 Instragammable Spots in Gandhi Circuit Gujarat

Instagrammable Spots in Gandhi Circuit Gujarat India - Kasturba Road Porbandar Market

Tracing the path of Mahatma Gandhi around Gujarat not only cultured me with heaps of history lessons. It also showcased to me a myriad of wonderful sights ranging from spectacular architecture to vibrant street scenes. Engrossed with the experience to no end, I was also stirred with a bout of

Gandhi Circuit Gujarat: The Heritage Path of India

Gandhi Circuit Tour India

India’s storied history reaches far back to many centuries. As evident by the many ancient cities situated across this vast nation. But when it comes to its modern history, one man takes centerstage. His name: Mahatma Gandhi. When I learned that I was going to India, the first thing that