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Mykonos Guide: What to do in Mykonos in 3 days

Mykonos Travel Guide   So you’ve seen Santorini, and toured around Oia and Fira. But you want something more lively, more vibrant — perhaps someplace where partying is a way of life. Fortunately, there exists just such a Greek island for you. Known as one of the top tourist spots in the

Where to Eat in Mykonos : Catari


Consuming Catari It’s common sense, you know? If you want something Italian, you go to Italy. If you want something Greek, you go to Greece. But can you go to Greece for Italian? Well… as a matter of fact, you can! One of the best meals we had in Mykonos, Greece was

Where to eat in Mykonos : Bakalo


Binging in Bakalo   Thus far in our experience we have had a feast of seafood and Italian tastes. But we’re in Greece! Greek food should hold its own! Like in many other cultures, Greek cuisine thrives on the successful transfer of traditional recipes from one generation to the next. Hence, the best

Santorini : Karma


In Karma’s Embrace   For many people, “traditional Greek” settings would mean earth-toned environs with surroundings hewn from stone and clay, brass and wood. Rough walls contrast with a peaceful atmosphere, evoking the old glory of this cradle of civilization. It is bold and raw, yet grounded and serene. Now, how about

Meteora: A Glimpse of the Sunset Tour


Riding to The Sunset In the Middle Of The Sky \The majesty of Meteora may strike one as unscalable, but it is really easy to get around. For starters, there are tours just like the Sunset Tour we joined on our first day in the area. There were 2 minibuses waiting

Rock Scrambling with Visit Meteora : A must do


Great Saint, In the Middle of the Sky   One of the things that drive adventure is the fact that you can do something you did not think possible. This idea played in my mind as I stared up at the huge cliff face looming ahead. I was looking at the formidable

What to do in Meteora : Ultimate Guide to Meteora


A Finger to the Sky, An Eye to the World   In the western area of Greece’s Thessaly region, a forest of rocks stands as an amazing monument to the sculpting prowess of the earth. Immense fingers of rock thrusted out from the earth, forming a breath-taking site. This is Meteora, whose

Santorini : Wine tasting with Selene


An Afternoon as a Santorini Sommelier When you are in Greece, especially in the Santorini area, you just can’t leave without tasting their wine. Or, better yet, join a short wine-tasting class that will let you learn more about the art while pleasing your palate! This was my objective when I joined