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Zaanse Schans : Windmills in Amsterdam


Cheese, Cocoa, and Four-Armed Giants: The Zaanse Schans Experience All Photos were taken by my dear friend, Kay Dulay    When people think of the Netherlands, there are two things that are most likely to come to mind: tulips and windmills. While tulips grow in several places in the country (with thousands of

Where to stay in Tallinn : Schlossle Hotel, Tallinn

Hotel Schlossle Tallinn

Staying at Schlössle, and Savoring It We all have varying tastes in hotels. Some like minimalist designs, while others like the grand trimmings of older hotels. Regardless of your preference, however, there are those that are bound to charm you just from the sheer tastefulness of their design concepts. Tallinn’s Schlössle

12 Amazing Things to Do in Tallinn, Estonia

The Republic of Estonia boasts of a rich history. It is located in Europe’s Baltic region, and has been inhabited since ancient times — since around 6500 BC, to be exact. Its capital, Tallinn, has likewise had a long history. First recorded in 1219, Tallinn now stands as the country’s

Where to Eat in Mykonos : Catari


Consuming Catari It’s common sense, you know? If you want something Italian, you go to Italy. If you want something Greek, you go to Greece. But can you go to Greece for Italian? Well… as a matter of fact, you can! One of the best meals we had in Mykonos, Greece was

Where to eat in Mykonos : Bakalo


Binging in Bakalo   Thus far in our experience we have had a feast of seafood and Italian tastes. But we’re in Greece! Greek food should hold its own! Like in many other cultures, Greek cuisine thrives on the successful transfer of traditional recipes from one generation to the next. Hence, the best

Ultimate Guide to Seville, Spain

Savoring Seville: The Ultimate Guide to The Andalusian Capital   Many of us know Seville as a gem of Andalusia, a place of sprawling Cathedrals, grand palaces, and intricate brown stone structures juxtaposed against rolling green hills. However, it’s hard to truly appreciate its magnificence from just pictures. Because that’s the first

Santorini : Karma


In Karma’s Embrace   For many people, “traditional Greek” settings would mean earth-toned environs with surroundings hewn from stone and clay, brass and wood. Rough walls contrast with a peaceful atmosphere, evoking the old glory of this cradle of civilization. It is bold and raw, yet grounded and serene. Now, how about