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Roadtrip from Dumaguete to Cebu

Waterfalls, cliff jumping, and swimming with sharks, all with the people I love most! I’m not the only one in my family who loves to travel. Last January, my family and I had some crazy adventures going from Bacolod to Dumaguete to Cebu. Here are some of things to do in

Oslob: The Good, the Bad and the Complicated

What it once was The first time I went to Oslob to swim with the whale sharks, or butanding as they’re also called, was in 2012. Back then, there were hardly any people there. It wasn’t anything like the marketplace it is now. The surroundings were serene. Everything felt peaceful and

A Worthwhile Climb To Cebu’s Osmena Peak

Osmena Peak Cebu

Osmena Peak was another recommended sight in Cebu that I wanted to check off my bucket list. Osmena Peak is touted as an easy climb with incredible views—it is, after all—the highest peak in Cebu—and perfect for those who are new to more outdoorsy travel. It was a breeze to

Northern Cebu: Diving in Malapascua

Northern Cebu: Diving in Malapascua 18

// Where We Stayed Malapascua Legend Villas. Since I was the only diver in the group, and my friends were there to just snorkel, we chose a place that had a pool so we could just relax in it when the beach became too hot to swim in. We reserved a