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Sunforgettable by House of Obagi : Best way to Retouch your Sunblock

Whenever you are traveling, it’s always nice to keep you protected from the harsh sun. Usually, we bring hats or umbrellas during our travel. I personally hate carrying an umbrella around, unless I absolutely have to. One thing I don’t forget to leave without though, is putting sunblock especially on my face.

Although, often, people may prefer to use different kinds of sunblock, I personally prefer Obagi’s sunforgettable. Of course, I mainly use it as a retouch but I love it even more, because it serves that purpose really well.


As I mentioned earlier, I make it a practice to put sunblock no matter the weather. Even if it’s a cloudy day, I still bother to put. In the morning, I start with using House of Obagi’s first skin sunblock.  Then, I will put on my make up.

Later on, I use The Sunforgettable Brush-on sunscreen from the House of Obagi. It has SPF 50 that will provide you enough protection  This has a lightweight coverage powder, and easy to carry that can fit in your bag. For me, it’s a perfect way to retouch sunblock without hassle.The idea of this powder is for you to use it with ease as it has its built-in soft brush, perfect for your delicate skin. You can retouch your sunblock anytime and anywhere.

I was able to put this to the test during my trip to  Chennai, India. It was scorching hot at the time of my trip and I was in the beach a lot and I found myself engaging in a lot of outdoor activities. Good thing, I had sunforgettable with me because I can’t imagine what I will look like had I not. Some of my new found friends asked what it was, cause I literally just pulled it out of my pocket. They too, found it amazing.

I really love sunforgettable, in fact, it’s one thing that I always have in my purse. I mean, it’s not that hard to bring around. It’s perfect, it fits everywhere.


For the price, I can say it is definitely worth it. For 6 grams of sunblock that you can use for a very long time, like approximately 2-3 months of usage. It is also recommended by physicians to be safe to use for your sensitive skin. I used to hate having to retouch my sunblock especially after putting my make up, but this makes it a lot easier. Plus, it also removes the oil in my skin so it’s double purpose.

The convenience that I get from this is highly recommendable for ladies that have an active lifestyle that requires a lot of outdoor activities (or at least, if you walk under the sun a lot) . You can easily retouch and protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun.


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