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Staycation in a Bustling City – My Azumi Boutique Hotel Experience

Azumi Boutique Hotel

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I love traveling, and that’s pretty obvious with my blog. Nevertheless, there are times when I just want to unwind, let loose, and go on full vacation mode minus the strenuous travel. Is that even possible, you’re probably thinking. Yes, it is, if you consider going on a staycation instead.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few boutique hotels in the Metro that are rife with promise. One of these is Azumi Boutique Hotel, which is located in the heart of Alabang.

 Cool lobby
Cool lobby

I was privileged enough to enjoy an overnight stay at Azumi Boutique Hotel, and since it was near Alabang’s latest favorite hangout, Molito Commercial Complex, I figured I’d grab the opportunity and hit two birds with one stone.

The moment we stepped into the hotel lobby, I never wanted to be anywhere else. The staff was helpful and courteous, assisting us with our things with friendly smiles plastered on their faces. However, more than their graciousness, I was won over by the lobby’s decoration.


Aside from the cozy furnishings, the lobby was adorned with an array of books and travel mementos that lent a homey vibe to it. I especially loved the frames that were splayed on several nooks and crannies of the hotel. Overall, I LOVED the interiors of Azumi.

While perusing the lobby, we saw an elegant-looking nail spa. Naturally, I scoped out the prices and saw they were within budget. However, instead of getting our nails done for Php175, we decided to go for a swim instead as soon as we were settled in.


Upon checking in, the staff informed us of a Php1,000 incidental deposit, which we readily paid. Before being assisted to our rooms, we were handed the key cards, breakfast vouchers, and a slip of paper with the free Wi-Fi log in details. Incidentally, our complimentary breakfast would be at Café Romulo, also located at the lobby.


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Here’s another thing I loved about the hotel – tight security. We had to tap the keycard on the elevator control panel, for security purposes, as that was the only way to access the rooms. We were billeted in the Queen Room, which was on the 16th floor.

I dare say it was a room fit for a queen given its size. There was a queen-sized bed in the middle of the room, as well as a huge sofa that actually looked like a day bed. The room was spotlessly clean. The amenities of the room were above par. There was a microwave, a mini kitchen counter, a coffee maker, cutleries, flatware, and a refrigerator that was well stocked. Nevertheless, what really got me was the amazing view of the city, which the huge windows afforded us.


One of my favorite parts of the hotel was the pool area, which featured a long, lap-style, saltwater infinity pool. Picture Marina Bay sands and you’ll catch my drift. There wasn’t any heater installed, but with the view of the city as the backdrop, all was well. There was even a bar, open from 4PM to 12 midnight, with reasonably priced drinks. My friend and I enjoyed watching the sunset while munching on nachos and some drinks. Since there were plenty of restaurants in the area, we decided to take a stroll to Molito and have dinner there.


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Some friends of mine who are from Alabang dropped by for a visit and we hung out by the roof top bar and pool. The area was well lit, the ambiance was astounding, the drinks were good, and the music was swell. It’s the perfect setting if you want a laidback chill night with a view of the city. My friends and I decided right there and then that we will visit Azumi Boutique Hotel again soon.


The queen-sized bed was plush and comfortable, and I definitely had a good night’s sleep. My final say on the place? Go there if you want a chillaxing staycation in the city.

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Address:  2205 Market St, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

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53 thoughts on “Staycation in a Bustling City – My Azumi Boutique Hotel Experience

  1. In today’s hectic life it is almost impossible to get a holiday very often….staycations are a great way to destress..and we do it quite often here

  2. The hotel looks very homey, if I can say that. I am a fan of floor to ceiling windows, and the room with the bed in the middle and those windows looks very comfortable. The infinity pool is also a plus, I bet it’s amazing to be there at sunset, enjoying a nice drink.

  3. Looks amazing! I would love to visit the Phillipines. Never been i a salt water pool. Looked very relaxing, like taking the beach with you.

  4. oh wow… I never thought that there is such place in alabang.. it was just one ride away from my place!
    I love the interior and of course the pool too!
    I hope I can visit this hotel someday!

    1. If it is one ride, then go ahead and visit it. They have promos too in agoda or the site itself. You can even reserve the queen room for just Php 3000 when there is a promo so go for it. It is really spacious.

  5. Great idea!

    Not enough people take time out to see the things in their ‘own back yard’!

    It’s a great opportunity to try some of those special hotels and restaurants you’ve been saving for a special occasion!

  6. Wow. This looks so beautiful! I would love to stay there. I have never been to Philippines. What a gorgeous hotel! You are convincing me to visit!

  7. We all need a relaxing break once in a while, without the work! The interior design all looks stunning, and I LOVE that the pool is filled with saltwater!

  8. I love that pool with that view!! Sometimes staycations are awesome – feels like a little vacation without having to go too far!

  9. I just love how quaint this hotel is! *.* I’d love to try it there! It’s definitely a must-try since it offers such a relaxing view of the city, especially at night. 🙂

  10. MY GOODNESS. You’re right when you said you didn’t want to leave upon entering the lobby – I don’t think I would either! This is seriously giving me the itch to go and have a few days all for myself and shopping. I keep looking back at the photos. They’re so good! Pinterest-worthy, I’d say. Great you had a fantastic time!

  11. I remember my friend’s giveaway for an overnight stay at Azumi and I was so sad I didn’t win. I really want to
    try the swimming pook because it has a beautiful view of the city. I can understand why you love it, I have a thing for places with nice interiors too.

  12. I saw this hotel while searching for a getaway this April. I’m into staycation lately because it’s much cheaper and I really just love to be lazy all weekend inside the hotel room or hang around by the pool instead of touring around. You’ve got nice photos of the place. Makes me wanna stay here someday.

  13. My friend recently had a staycation at Azumi with her family. And as per her and her post in FB, it was really superb. And the kids had fun in the pool. Now, that makes me want to visit this place soon as my kids love swimming ♥♥♥

  14. Been longing to have our staycation at Azumi. It’s near our place!The place looks really good and the way you narrate your experience, it must have been really good.

  15. What?? There’s a hangout place like that in Alabang? Now, that is one cozy place! Would love to try staying in a boutique hotel in my future travels.. Haven’t really heard of one until this article. The pool looks amazing! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your future travels!

  16. You had me at infinity pool 😀 Actually you had me at the first photo – Azumi Boutique Hotel looks STUNNING! Love how cozy and elegant and modern it is with everything in a very refined tone. I’m sold. Thanks for the tip! Glad you enjoyed some downtime – a traveler’s gotta rest every once in a while!

  17. Now that looks like a well-styled hotel! This actually comes as no surprise to me since Alabang often has a lot of great accommodations. On a side note: this just makes me miss the Philippines more! Great review, Karla!

  18. I love a good hotel stay. So nice when you have everything you need and do not have to leave the premises.

  19. Perfect suggestion! I’ve been wanting to visit a friend of mine in the area and this would be an ideal place to stay at! I hardly doubt that it gets crowded too. I prefer staying in boutique hotels than in bigger ones because there’s so much more personality to it. Enjoy your travels, Karla!

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