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Where to stay in Tallinn: St. Petersbourg Hotel Review

Hotel St. Petersbourg Tallinn

Have a Grand Russian Rest in Estonia


There are many faces to a city, and Estonia’s capital Tallinn is no exception. On one hand, there is the medieval charm of its Old Town. On the other hand, there is the stylish flair of the modern European city. These sides coexist, and people will often prefer one over another. We had previously reviewed the Schlössle Hotel, which embodies the antique heart of the city. This time we will review another hotel  from the same group of luxurious lodgings  that represents the other side.Hotel St. Petersbourg Tallinn

This does not mean that you’ll be trekking to the other side of the city, however. Hotel St. Petersbourg is also located in the Old Town, surrounded by the same historic walls as Schlössle. It’s only 5 minutes away from each other, in fact the  The hotel is also in a central location, located in Rataskaevu 7, and appeals both to the sophisticated businessman and the casual tourist. It is also the oldest hotel in the city, greatly influencing it classicist style.

Hotel St. Petersbourg Tallinn

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The design of the building is decidedly Russian. Rich wood, deep reds, stately blacks and grays adorn much of the surroundings. Despite being modern in looks, the design evokes Tallinn’s history as it was once frequented by Russian traders. The name itself is a giveaway!

Hotel St. Petersbourg Tallinn

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The rooms are not exempt from this design concept. Overall, the hotel’s design is a hybrid between a theater and a palace! While the colors may overpower some, it’s an elegant combination overall. It will also definitely look good on your vacation photos!




There are 27 rooms overall in the hotel, and they were designed by internationally-renowned  interior designer Andrew Martin. One starts off with the classic room, which offers a double bed and classy trappings. A thick gray blanket will keep you warm in the cold Baltic nights, and floor-to-ceiling windows will provide a view to the beautiful city outside.

Hotel St. Petersbourg Tallinn

The most spacious room is curiously called the “Junior” Suite, which has a queen-size bed, a mini bar, and a lounging area. Guests that avail of this room may also use the sauna for free from 7AM to 11AM! While this may be too much for the common tourist, but it’s still a good option if you really want ultimate pampering.

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Hotel St. Petersbourg is part of a chain of boutique hotels priding themselves on service. Just like any five-star hotel, you can find any of the usual services here. But the Schlössle group of hotels are fairly small ones, allowing for a higher degree of service than if the hotel had a few hundred guests at the same time.

Hotel St. Petersbourg Tallinn

The small size of the hotel also allows them to offer really cute packages that can make your stay special. There is, for example, the Romantic Package, which turns your vacation into a lovely getaway for two. Experience a luxury transfer, first-class dinner and breakfast, and free use of the sauna for the duration of your stay! This gives you the perfect hotel stay after a day of exploring the wonders of Tallinn. They also offer discounts if you book early, and this can save you up to 30 EUR.

Hotel St. Petersbourg Tallinn



Food is one of the things that the hotel is particularly proud of. There are two restaurants in the hotel. The first is the Golden Piglet Inn, which serves a large variety of native Estonian cuisine. They claim that the recipes here have been passed down from generations! They taste good, too, and you can always come here for a good drink. It’s a cozy atmosphere too, with a rustic appearance.

Hotel St. Petersbourg Tallinn

The second one is the Hermitage Bar and Lounge, which emphasizes the fusion of Russian and Estonian cuisine. It’s one of the best restaurants in all of Tallinn, and has been the meeting place of the city’s higher society. Like the rooms of the hotel, the design has been overseen by Andrew Martin. Maybe you can see it from the wooden floor flanked by grey walls and decorated with tasteful fixtures. This means you get a feast for both the eyes and the palate!


You know you’ve seen a city when you have reached both ends of its spectrum  whichever spectrum you wish to see it in. Hotel St. Petersbourg is the perfect counterpoint to the ancient walls of the Old Town, and if staying in old walls isn’t your preference, then you will find that this place could be your grand oasis. Just make sure you don’t have that much luggage, there aren’t elevators in the hotel. But hey, you’re in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so that’s to be expected!

Hotel St. Petersbourg Tallinn
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