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Sri Panwa: Paradise in Phuket

Sri Panwa Karlaroundtheworld

            All my life, I am in awe of a lot of things. As for this one, I couldn’t even bring myself to leave. The moment we arrived at their doorsteps, we were greeted as if we were long time friends.  With refreshment towels and cool drinks, we were escorted to our 2 bedroom pool villa by one of their staff – Bow. She explained how everything worked. My mind couldn’t grasp what I was seeing. I just wanted to jump for joy.  I loved the pool. We had our own TV, it came with ipods, ( preset music yet we also have the option to use our own). We can control the music from the TV but there are speakers in the pool area too. The bedroom is surrounded by glass connected to the pool where we can just chill and hang out. It was surreal!

Sri Panwa Phuket

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Sri Panwa Two Bedroom Pool Villa

There are several villas available, and all assured to be equally stunning. Sri Panwa offers Pool Suite East, Pool Suite West, 1BR pool villa, penthouse, 2BR pool villa, and 3BR, 4BR and 5BR residence villas. All pool villas come with its own exclusive infinity swimming pool, a jet stream Jacuzzi system, a large master bedroom, more than adequate guest bedroom, outdoor bathing area with rainfall shower, walk in closet and a sunset pavilion. They also have an outdoor receiving area or an extended sofa bed. The outdoor area is best for relaxing and enjoying the view while being serenaded with music of your choice from the state of the art entertainment system that they provide.

Sri Panwa Phuket Karlaroundtheworld
2 Bedroom Pool Villa

Ranging from 280 to 320 sq.m. in size, each villa is spaciously perched on the Western peninsula commanding spectacular panoramic sunset views and complete privacy. The Tropical Contemporary interior highlights the fusion between sea and light where simplicity and genius of design brings the sounds and sights of the sea indoors. One of the unique features is a seemingly floating bedroom, surrounded by wall to ceiling glass, the entrance of which is a set of full height wooden doors that were intricately carved to showcase local talents.

Sri Panwa Phuket Karlaroundtheworld
I can’t get enough of this view

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If the private pool in each villa is not enough, Sri Panwa has three additional pools available to the public: Baba Pool Club which is the designated breakfast area, the beach and the jetty area and Habita. Personally, Habita is my favorite. Surrounded by lush greens, it has a huge curved infinity pool that is far too pretty for words. You have to go there to experience it!

Sri Panwa Phuket Karlaroundtheworld
Habita Public Pool

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The Service

For the complimentary service, the hotel went beyond what was expected and was extremely generous to the point of going overboard. With our booked villa came a pleasantly scented refreshment towel and welcome drink upon check in. There was also a creatively arranged fruit basket that welcomed us in our room. Unlike other hotels, there is a villa mini bar stocked with beer, Schweppes, sodas, cup noodles and water. Also available is a high tech Nespresso machine to ensure our regular supply of caffeine; with this the snacks are also replenished every day to our enjoyment. Everyday, dishes of dragon fruit and papaya are  placed in the fridge for your enjoyment. Best part of this, everything is free! Well except for the wine, which may cost you between 1600 to 1800 baht.

With food for our body, comes food for the soul as Sri Panwa also provides each villa with an iPod with pre-selected music play list partnered with a dock. To make the experience healthier and more active, guests can have unlimited access to the resorts beautiful beach pool, their well-equipped fitness center, highly maintained steam rooms and tennis courts. Also, you will never run out of freshly washed towels as they are piled high in the dressing room. For the guests who wants to stay in touch with the outside world while vacationing at the Sri Panwa paradise, unlimited wireless broadband internet is available throughout the villa.

The Food:

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you want the best start of your day, eat your breakfast at the Baba Pool Club – a 5000 square meter vicinity that offers you a wonderful outdoor view of the 25 meter long infinity pool. They cater to different cuisines such as Japanese, Italian, Thai and various hot pot dishes. For the breakfast they have the usual waffles, eggs, pancakes cereals, fresh juices, tropical fruits, pastries and curries. I suggest that visitors try the Baba Eggs Benedict with Truffle Sauce, Eggs Benedicts with Parma ham and bok choy or their crab in green curry. When breakfast is over the pool club doubles as entertainment area. You can choose between hanging out at the Baba Pool Bar, BaBaQ, Baba Cooking School or the Baba88 Disco wherein the latter has an impressive reputation of guesting internationally renowned DJs.

Sri Panwa Phuket Karlaroundtheworld
Baba Pool Club

For the guests who wants to have fun in a bar, Sri Panwa has the Baba Nest– a boutique bar which was recently voted as one of the top 10 bars in the world. It is one of the hotel’s pride as it offers all visitors with the best sunset point in Thailand. For those who want to unwind and have a few drinks while taking in the view, it is highly suggested to book a table early, since tables here are easily occupied. With only ten tables strategically arranged on the dock, better book in advance. Also, take note that the bar offers no food, all they have are drinks and these do not come cheap. A cocktail is about $40 and beers between $13. There is also a minimum spending per head, so better save up as early as you can!

Sri Panwa Phuket Karlaroundtheworld
Baba Nest

If you are craving for an authentic Thai food, then your best bet is to head to Soul Food restaurant. You can take a short stroll down a steep hill or take the tuk-tuks driven by different chauffeur.  This restaurant offers Southern home cooked meals. If you are hesitant and indecisive on what to order, ask for a half portion. If you dine in big groups, then you can order full portions for sharing. Best among the food here are the Steamed Garoupa with Lime, Red Curry with pork and pineapple and their best seller so far is the Stir Fried Anadaman Crab meat with a very distinct hint of lime sauce to compliment the wonderfully fresh crabs.

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The Service

If there is such a thing as a royal service, then this is it. Wherever we go, we were greeted with a smile. Every time we move to another area, cool water to quench our thirst is served.  Sunblocks and towels were made available at our beck and call. This is the closest thing you can get to being treated like a royalty.

Sri Panwa Phuket Karlaroundtheworld
View of the Villas from the Jetty

Personally, I am not the type of person who would spend the entire vacation lounging in a resort. I love exploring the city, getting lost and simply immersing in the local culture. But with Sri Panwa, , My friends and I  had no qualms in spending the entire forty eight hours ( 48)  enjoying their first class amenities. At the end of those blissful hours, I was not ready to leave. Nobody can ever be ready leaving this place!

Sri Panwa Phuket Karlaroundtheworld
Enjoying the Pool

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It was a common agreement between us friends that Sri Panwa is the perfect place to propose, get married and spend the honeymoon with your significant other. Had I been proposed to there, I would definitely say yes! It was not a surprise that the resort has been the venue of numerous weddings and honeymooners. You can just feel the love in the air.

Sri Panwa Phuket Karlaroundtheworld


This resort is such a picture perfect one that we couldn’t even decide which is the best spot to view the sunset! At first I thought that our villa had a good view but then I immediately changed my mind when I saw the sunset from the Baba Nest. No words. It literally took my breath away. No wonder it is considered to be one of the top ten bars in the world!


Sri Panwa

Address: 88 Moo 8, Sakdidej Road,, Vichit, Muang, ภูเก็ต 83000, Thailand

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