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Splash Mountain Laguna: Slides, Pools, Hotel in Los Baños

Splash Mountain Laguna

Resorts in Los Baños Laguna: Splash Mountain Resort and Hotel

What is Splash Mountain Resort and Hotel?

A resort in Los Baños, Splash Mountain Laguna is a resort complex comprised of four (4) hotels in two (2) locations. The first location is a sprawling 5-hectare property comprised of Splash Hotel, Oasis Hotel, and Suites Hotel, just 1 kilometre after the Calamba-Los Baños boundary along the national highway. While City of Springs Hotel is just 2 kilometres further going towards the Los Baños poblacion. Both locations offer therapeutic hot spring water from the natural wonders from the volcanic Mt. Makiling.

For many years now, Splash Mountain Laguna has been a popular destination for family outings and corporate events. And why not? The Laguna resort complex offers more than 20 pools, 120 rooms, picnic huts, as well as kiddie and giant slides. This resort in Los Banos Laguna can also accommodate 3000 pax. Have a company outing or seminar? Splash Mountain’s function rooms can hold up to 400 people and 350 wedding or party guests.


What to do Inside Splash Mountain Laguna

Giant Waterslides Area

What’s better than a pool? Pools with giant slides, of course! And Splash Mountain Laguna has 4 of them! You can choose to ride with or without floatie. Just a fair warning, they are fast and tall. Definitely not for the faint hearted. 

1.  Hurricane Falls (Orange) – Get ready to scream your lungs out! The Hurricane Falls is a tall, deep, and fast drop that will send your screams splashing down in seconds! 

Splash Mountain Laguna Resort Giant Waterslides
Splash Mountain Slides

2. Typhoon (Yellow) – A bit more intense than regular slides, this one is a tamed version of the Hurricane Falls. You slide down laid down, ending with a big splash. 

Splash Mountain Laguna Resort - Tornado

3. Tornado (Blue)–  Get ready for some twists and turns as you slide down a loopy trail down the pool. Perfect for kids (without floatie). 

4.  Twister (White) –  Our favourite giant slide ride in Splash Mountain Resort! Tall and extra loopy, the ride was fast and exhilarating! And since you’re riding a round floatie, you can sway from side to side or even turn about face towards the water. Got a friend sliding down with you? Ask for assistance because you can hold each other’s floatie and go tandem! 

Operating Hours of Giant Waterslide Area

Splash Mountain Laguna’s Giant Waterslide area is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM everyday. But will be closed by June because of Typhoon season. Picnic tables are also available for rent per day in the Giant Waterslides area. Priced at Php 500.00 (round table, view deck), Php 400.00 (small umbrella), Php 600.00 (big umbrella), and Php 750.00 (Oval table).

Splash Mountain Laguna Resort - Lazy River

There are also cabanas on the side. Not really into adventure? Just grab a floatie and cruise down the lazy river/pool. There’s also a nice children’s playground for kids.

Tip:  It can get really crazy busy on weekends. So expect lines in the giant waterslides but it was still fast and fun!  

Tickets for the Giant Waterslide at Splash Mountain Laguna are priced at Php 180.00 for adults. Kids below 4 feet are at Php 160.00 while hotel guests can upgrade for just Php 100.00.   If you want to secure your tickets in advance you can book your ticket here

Splash Mountain Laguna Resort - Splash Oasis

Splash Oasis 

Another area to consider in Splash Mountain Laguna is Splash Oasis. Unlike the adrenaline-pumped Giant Waterslide area, Splash Oasis is more calm and relaxed.

It has five (5) hot spring pools to choose from, with varying depths and heat levels. There’s also a small slide where kids and kids at heart can enjoy.  Definitely relaxing and therapeutic. 

Tip: The hottest pool is the one on the left of the slide. So lounge at your own risk 🙂

Where to stay in Splash Mountain Laguna 

Splash Mountain Laguna Resort

1. Splash Hotel 

From the entrance, Splash Hotel is the first cluster of rooms available at Splash Mountain. For just Php 2,500.00, you can already book one of the 10 deluxe rooms at Splash Hotel. The room has its own indoor jacuzzi and can accommodate 2 guests. 

Standard rooms are priced at Php 2,000.00 (2 pax), family room at Php 3,500.00 (4 pax), and dormitory at Php 6,500.00 (12 pax).

2. Splash Suites

Splash Suites

The next cluster of rooms at Splash Mountain Laguna are the Splash Suites. Get an upscale feel with Splash Suites’ 36 elegant rooms. Guests here have free access to all Splash resort pool and Oasis Hotel rooms. A small Php 100.00 upgrade fee gets you access for the Giant Waterslides area.

Splash Mountain Laguna Resort - Splash Suites

Deluxe Suites are priced at Php 3,800 (2 pax) and Standard Suites at Php 3,300 (2 pax). Big group like ours? Stay at the Family Suite for just Php 5,400.00 (5 pax) or Php 6,100.00 (6 pax). De Luxe Suites have jacuzzis that can be rented for Php 350.00/hour.

Room rates are inclusive of free set breakfast. All hotel rooms are fully air-conditioned with cable TV, minibar, intercom, private toilet & bath. Extra Person rate is Php 300.00 for adults and Php 200.00 for children (bed included only). 

3. Splash Oasis  

Last but definitely not the least on the places to stay in at Splash Mountain Laguna is Splash Oasis. It features 5 pools and 39 spacious rooms designed for big groups. Splash Oasis guests get free access to all Splash Mountain Resort pools. 

A group of four (4) can stay at the Superior Room in Splash Oasis for just Php 4,500.00 per night. While Deluxe Rooms have a rate of Php 3,000.00 (2 pax) and Php 4,200.00 (4 pax). Standard rooms come cheap at only Php 2,500.00 for 2 persons.

Room rates are inclusive of free set breakfast. All hotel rooms are fully air-conditioned with cable TV, minibar, intercom, private toilet & bath. Extra Person rate is Php 300.00 for adults and Php 200.00 for children (no bed included). 

Splash Suites

Other Resort Facilities at Splash Mountain Laguna

To complement the 20+ pools and 120 guest rooms at Splash Mount Resorts are the well-thought of facilities.

These included a garden wedding area, a coffee shop, spa, children’s playground, and even covered courts.

Splash Suites

There’s also an outdoor jacuzzi at the Splash Oasis that resort guests can rent.


Food at Splash Mountain

What’s an outing without food? You can choose to either order from their restaurant or grill your own food (with minimal rental for the grill). You can even bring your own food, without extra charge!

Splash Mountain Laguna

In our case, we had a feast with our boodle lunch (can be arranged in advance) by the Giant Waterslides cabanas. We had a delicious feast of kare-kare, grilled seafood, roasted chicken, sides, fresh fruits, and fresh buko (coconut)! 

Splash Mountain Laguna - Breakfast

We also had a filling breakfast and meryenda at the Splash Suites cafe.

Overall experience at Splash Mountain Resorts

Overall, we really enjoyed our summer experience at Splash Mountain Laguna. I appreciate the fact that it offers different kinds of pools and accommodations for every kind of travellers. Families and barkadas will surely has a lot of fun at the Giant Waterslides area. While couples or older guests can just chill and relax at the Splash Oasis. 

Where is Splash Mountain Laguna?

Splash Mountain Resort and Hotel is located at Km 58. Barangay Lalakay, Los Baños, 4030 Laguna.  Get in touch with Splash Hotel: Tel. No.  (0917) 583-2993; (049) 536-6399. And Splash Oasis: Tel. No. (049) 536-6398. You can also visit their website for more information:

Splash Mountain Laguna Resort - Lazy Pool


Directions to Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain Laguna is just a 1.5-2 hour drive from Metro Manila. The resort offers a private aircon van rental at Php 4,200.00 per way, from hotel or from NAIA. 

Taking your own car? Just pin Splash Mountain Resort, Los Baños, Calabarzon as your destination. The resort complex is approximately 10km after Calamba. Just drive towards Los Baños, past the busy Pansol resort area, right after two hills sandwiching the highway. You can’t miss the billboards. Parking is plenty and free!

Nonetheless, Splash Mountain is highly accessible via public transportation as well. So if you’re planning to commute, just ride a bus bound for Sta. Cruz Laguna. It should pass by Los Baños, just tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Splash Mountain. Public buses are available at Cubao and Buendia.

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