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Glamping at Splash Island Binan Laguna: Reasons to Go

Splash Island

             Summer is in the air. It’s time to beat the heat and experience all kinds of fun! You know I always have a thirst for adventure but because of the pandemic, I wasn’t able to move around so much. But knowing that Splash Island has finally reopened, I just didn’t want to let this opportunity slip, so together with my friend Tina, we went on an overnight trip.

             Splash Island is one of the leading water parks in the country, located at Southwoods Ecocentrum in Biñan, Laguna. Getting there is easy since they offer rides from 7am to 8am for pick up. Here are the following locations where to get picked up and dropped off together with their corresponding fares.

PICK UP: Shell Station Buendia (EDSA, Makati City)
DROP OFF: SM Makati (Makati City)
FARE: Php 120

PICK UP/DROP OFF: Ayala Malls South Park (Alabang, Muntinlupa City)
FARE: Php 80

PICK UP/DROP OFF: Vista Mall Daang Hari (Molino, Cavite City)
FARE: Php 90

PICK UP/DROP OFF: District Mall (Imus, Cavite)
FARE: Php 110

PICK UP/DROP OFF: Flying V Gasoline Station (Turbina, Calamba)
FARE: Php 90

PICK UP/DROP OFF: BGC Bonifacio Uptown Terminal (Taguig City)
FARE: Php 120

PICK UP/DROP OFF: Victory Mall (Balibago Complex, Sta. Rosa Laguna)
FARE: Php 50

             They are open daily from 8am to 5pm even during Holy Week including Good Friday. They also offer overnight accommodations and reservations which is great!

             Splash Island is full of adventures, perfect for people like me. Not only is it a place to quench my thrill, but it’s also ideal for families and friends to spend quality time together and have fun. Let me fill you in about some of the giant slides and pools that they have.

Giant Slides

             There are a lot of gigantic slides in Splash Island that are fun to ride such as the BigBamboo, Twisted Palms, Magellan’s Drop and King Pilipit. I especially liked the Rio Montañosa and Tausug Trail since Tina and I were able to ride through the slides together.

             Rio Montañosa is a family raft which means it’s wonderful for families and friends since they will be able to share just one huge swimming ring as they go through the slide altogether.

             The Tausug Trail on the other hand is a slide to be ridden by pair. It’s a wonderful choice maybe mostly for couples because you’ll be riding this slide together while sharing a double swim ring. If you’re nervous about going through the slides alone, then these are the best ones for you.

Splash Island Laguna


             If you’re craving for an ocean feel but are not a very good swimmer, you’ll definitely enjoy their Agos Grandes. It’s an enormous wave pool that truly kept us entertained.

Splash Island Pool
Splash Island Pool

             Their Balsa River also called the “Lazy River” is amazing as well! After much exploring and adventuring, this part of the water park allowed us to chill and recharge. It’s nice to just soak up the sun and chat about random things as we go with the flow of the river. It relaxed my muscles and kept my mind at peace. It was nice.

Splash Island Lazy pool
Splash Island Lazy Pool

             They also have the Water Wahoo which is enjoyable for children. It has a kiddie water playground together with a kiddie slide so you don’t have to worry about your child missing out.

             But if you’re thinking that that’s all Splash Island has to offer, then you better think again! Because there’re far too many things that you can do and some of them don’t even involve getting in the water. Let me share with you the other things that you can do on the island.

Other Attractions

             Since I am an adventurous type of girl, I would never miss their Adventure Zone Activities. Trying new and exciting things is my specialty so let me divulge to you my experiences with the other attractions that I spoke of.

             If you’re familiar with the American game show named, “Wipeout,” then this one’s just for you, it’s called, “Splash Out”and it contains an obstacle course for you to try out. It’s an inflatable island, meaning, it’s completely safe so we didn’t have to worry about getting hurt and were able to just focus on finishing the course. I especially like to challenge myself about these types of things so this is actually a wonderful opportunity for me.

             Their Ziplineis thrilling too but I guess it’s nothing compared to their Sky Bike attraction which is amazing! Riding a bike above the water from one end of a line to the other is truly exhilarating. If I get another chance to do this one again, I’ll probably do it in a heartbeat.

             Not only that because they also offer Wall Climbing, Kayaking, Paintball, and Fish Spa. You can also go to their Tiki Town Adventure Golf and practice your golfing skills at their miniature golf course.

             Having said all these, I’m sure you’ve been meaning to ask about their accommodations. Well, don’t fret because I’m going to share them all to you.

Daytime Accommodations

             There’s no doubt that walking around wouldn’t be much less fun than swimming since all areas are well kept. Our favorite part about this is the path towards their accommodation areas since it’s covered with colorful floating umbrellas, and beautiful flowers all around, great for taking photographs. Now, let me share our experience with you about their lodgings.

             The Nipa Hut is good for a group of ten or less for only one thousand pesos. It’s an open cottage that is a great place to chat and eat together with your family or friends as you take a break from having a lot of fun exploring the island.

             Their Tiki Hut is a small airconditioned cabana that’s good for two to three persons for three thousand pesos. A small box type house to securely leave your things unattended or to have some privacy as you change your clothes. It is surely convenient and is also available for overnight accommodation with the same rate.

             Casitas is much bigger than the other two. It’s like a small apartment building with a maximum number of three rooms, and a rate of two thousand pesos that are good for five people or less per room.

   Overnight Glamping

             Isolated Dome Glamping is like a huge dome-like tent that is good for four to eight persons with a corresponding mattress for each and is fully airconditioned. There’s also its own adjacent toilet and bath, all this for just eight thousand pesos.

             The Family Glamping, also called, “Hawaiian Village” is also fully airconditioned with its own toilet and bathroom. It can contain a maximum of ten occupants together with a mattress per person for ten thousand pesos. It has its own living room with glass windows and doors, and a spacious bedroom for everyone to relax, the same goes for their Duplex Room, only slightly bigger than the other.

             Their Pitching Tent or basic tent is just right for 2 persons with an air cooler included inside for only two thousand pesos. They also offer fully airconditioned Luxury Bell Tents that vary in sizes: three meters for two persons amounting to three thousand pesos, four meters for four persons with the rate of five thousand, five meters for five persons with the rate of six thousand, and six meters for six persons amounting to seven thousand pesos. And soon, they will be offering Tipi Tents for overnight glamping as well. You are also welcome to bring your own beddings, pillows, and towels to save some money if you like.

             Spending the night at the island is a different kind of fun. In a way, it was somewhat magical. Having the luxury bell tent as our lodging reminds me of the phenomenal tent during the Quidditch World Cup in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie, where the inside appears bigger than that of the outside. There are also the fairy lights hanging across the trees which accentuated the wonderful mood and rather magical vibe that Tina and I were having.

             Being a night owl myself, I am quite familiar with how the night holds more enjoyable things to offer. The same goes for the nighttime in Splash Island. Besides night swimming they also provide activities like bonfires and an outdoor movie night, just a great way to end our day.

Food Court

             Like their pools and slides, their food court is massive too, and the food is great as well! They have these fantastic restaurants and food kiosks including Fiesta sa Pulo, Tiki Island Grill, Sizzlers, Hungry Juan, Hawaiian BBQ & Grill, Tiki Toppings, Mongolian Grill, Splash of Lemonade, Tabas Benedicto, and many more.

             Their meal coupon is worth two hundred and fifty pesos and is available on all restaurants inside. They also sell “lutong bahay” and Samgyeopsal. I especially liked the fish and their “Sinigang”. They also offer Bilao Meals and Boodle Fight which can be arranged for team buildings and outings.

Entrance Fee

             They are open daily and at night. The entrance fee includes swimming in Agos Grandes (the wave pool), Balsa River/Lazy River, Splash Out/Inflatable Island, Water Wahoo/Kiddie Pool and even Kayaking. The following are their promo rates as of now.

  1. Daytime: Php 499 (8am-5pm)
  2. Nighttime (Weekdays): Php 499 (12:00nn-10:00pm)
  3. Nighttime (Weekends & Holidays): Php 599 (12:00nn-10:00pm)
  4. Kids Promo: Php 399 (8am-5pm)
  5. Senior/PWD Rate (Weekdays): Php 399
  6. Senior/PWD Rate (Weekends): Php 499
  7. Splash Pass: Php 699 (8:00am-10:00pm)
  • VIP Pass: Php 999 (8am-10pm)

       Plus the use of some Adventure Zone Activities: Sky Bike and Zipline

  • Glamping Pass 1: Php 999 (8am-10pm)

       Plus glamping accommodation

  1. Glamping Pass 2: Php 1,299 (8am-10pm)

       Plus glamping accommodation

Rules and Regulations

             Splash Island has strict rules and regulations that guests must comply. The following are the guidelines to the water park.

  1. You can only re-enter once.
  2. No smoking/vaping in all pool and slide areas. Always dispose of the cigarette butts in the ashtrays throughout the park.
  3. Alcohol, deadly weapons, drugs, pets, glass and breakable items, food and drinks from the outside (including water), stereos and two-way radios are strictly prohibited to be brought inside the park.
  4. Persons under the influence of alcohol and drugs will be refused entry, while those whose actions are deemed unsafe or disruptive will be escorted out of the premises.
  5. It is mandatory for all guests to fall in line at all times. Those found skipping lines will be immediately asked to leave the premises.
  6. Proper swimwear must be observed. Shirts and shorts (without buttons), rivets, zippers, aqua shoes, and any other metal objects, may be worn on the slides and attractions.

             Splash Island is made mainly for the purpose of pleasure and enjoyment. Spend your time over something worth it, a place that has way more things to offer than your regular resort. So, what are you guys waiting for? Go and have a taste of a summer adventure like never before!

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