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Sony RX100 III : My Travel Companion

Sony RX100 III : My Travel Companion

Sony RX 100 III


In a day and age where virtually every tablet and smartphone has a camera, some people feel that a stand-alone camera is redundant—but I definitely disagree! As someone who loves going to new places and documenting everything there is to see and do, both for my memories and to encourage the love of travel and learning about the world in other people, picking a good camera can increase the quality of your pictures, allow you to immerse yourself in travel photography without any distractions, and work independently of other devices—meaning you won’t have a drained battery just when you need to call your parents!

One camera has really stayed with me, even with the temptation of upgrading to huge models, or simply relying on my phone and tablet. The Sony RX100 III provides all of the lovely features that a good ol’ DSLR should have, and none of the random, fiddly annoying ones that I never could quite figure out, making it excellent for those looking for a starter cam. It packs a lot of sensor power in a small package! Not only that, it’s quite light and has none of the heft or hassle that people associate with old DSLRs. Just bring your camera, and you’re good to go. No need for a giant special bag with a thick strap to hang around your neck and make you worry while you’re traveling if you’ll be able to keep it safe! I just slip it into my purse without sacrificing the space I need for essentials like water and sunscreen, which has always been a huge plus for me.

The first thing that’s of note right off the bat—apart from the sleek matte black finish of this little beauty—is the electronic viewfinder, which does get rid of the old flash feature of the previous Sony cam in this line, but is very convenient for starting up for a surprise shot since all you have to do is get it up and then pop out the eye piece, so you don’t have to wait for all the whirring bits to pop out before you can start taking photos. That’s really good for moments on the sidewalk or in moving vehicles, where seconds can make a huge difference towards getting a blur, or a photograph of an unusual sight.

I know this may seem silly, but I also love the fact that it’s become a lot easier to take selfies with it because it has a 180 degree tilting LCD screen. That was one thing that smartphones and tablets had over the traditional DSLR cameras which made the latter pretty unpopular with younger users, but with this feature I’m definitely Instragram-ready in a flash. I hate having to crane my neck and retake shots of myself, especially when every minute counts while you’re traveling. With that kind of screen, you get the perfect photo right away because you can see yourself just fine on screen!

The lens itself is also impressive, measuring around 24-70 mm f/1.8-2.8 (35 mm equivalent)—smaller than the old model, but still with solid zoom. What it reduced in magnification, it compensated in speed because you can take photographs more rapidly, especially when it’s nighttime—perfect for someone like me who often takes pictures at the spur of the moment.

The RX100 III also has great video quality. The recording rate is 50 Mb/s—which means there are more frames per second, improving how the video looks overall even when it’s dark outside. The sound quality of its recorder is quite impressive and has made it easy for me to interview people when I travel—which I do quite often for my articles.

Best of all? I don’t miss out on staying connected with my friends. It has Wi-Fi, so as soon as I’m done snapping away at gardens and beaches and beautiful buildings and amazing food and people, I can easily upload it to any of my social media accounts for quick documentation. I have no regrets with my purchase of this camera, so if you’re cruising around for a good point-and-shoot camera, this may be the model for you. I highly recommend it!

There’s an upgraded version for this, RX 100 IV,  it’s not time for me to change though but if you are interested check it out here

67 thoughts on “Sony RX100 III : My Travel Companion

    1. I love that I can take a good quality picture with a camera and then send it to my phone right away to upload it in my social media. Makes it easier especially if I am on the road and I want to update my family and friends about my whereabouts or just to tell that I am okay and having so much fun 🙂

    1. Good question Carol. I use my go pro for my adventures. For water activities, for hiking and all that. I love my go pro because it has a wide angle and it can record action shots. However, it is limited. It can’t take in the whole view if it’s far away. I guess for landscapes and for still shots… I still prefer using my RX100.

  1. Thanks for this post – I’ve been looking for a beefier camera (I have a Nikon point and shoot). Love that this camera can connect to the internet – hello instagram.

  2. While having wifi is nice, I actually like not having it on my camera. We are all so caught up with sharing photos and moments instantaneously that it often detracts from the real moment and experience. Even just taking pictures instead of appreciating what you are shooting can detract. While it can be a pain to spend hours uploading later, I actually enjoy spending that time looking back through my pictures all while not having taken away the moment while it happened

  3. Sounds like a great camera for traveling, the lens is awesome, I love how fast it is! I agree that it’s a good idea not to rely on your phone (or tablet, ugh!) for your travel photography. A few months ago I was excited about a new lens I got and one of my coworkers asked if it takes better photos than his phone….

  4. I so agree with your points. I am getting a DSLR finally – opted for that rather than just a new iphone as I think there is no way that even the smartest phone can take as good pictures. Thanks for this post!

  5. I have been recently pondering with the great functionality of a wifi, it would make the entire photo travel process so much more efficient. Instead, I need to use my phone to take photos for immediate instagram and cannot wait to get home, download, edit, etc. Everyone needs to use the camer they feel comfortable with. A bulky heavy one is a no-no, eventually, you leave it at home so it seems that this is a great middle of the road for the non-pro in all of us

  6. I’m a little old fashioned and prefer a DSL type camera to using my phone or tablet. I love that this has wi-fi and you can upload your pics directly to social media!

  7. Karla, I’ve been wanting to buy this camera but it was too expensive so I bought another brand which is equally the same! I agree that most of us who’s always on the move need mirrorless cameras now. Having the big Nikon/Canon was pretty pointless and too heavy!

    1. I had a big one when I was traveling around Europe. I found myself panicking each time it rained. it was difficult to hide it and carry it around. This one is just perfect. I love the features and the size. Plus, when it rains its easy to put it inside my hand bag unlike the DSLR. I travel with my go pro and my sony RX100III and its been perfect for me.

  8. Ive been on the look out for a new camera for a while but i don’t want to part from mine lol thanks for the review!

  9. Very nice. It is just I do not like carrying a big camera around when I am travelling. I am content with just a good quality point-and-shoot. – Fred

  10. Hi! My camera broke today so I just searching for some new model! I really liked me the videofunctions in this model. I might get th his or one model lower. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I agree that having a real camera is essential when traveling. My smartphone camera is good, but it just can’t beat a regular camera. The Sony looks like it has everything you’d need. I just need to spend some quality time with the manual.

  12. Definitely agree that if you’re serious about travel photography, your phone should not replace a traditional camera. This seems like a great little camera with a lot of great features. I love the 180-degree rotating screen. I’m sure that comes in handy quite a bit!

  13. Thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to find a decent camera for my blogging. Have been relying on my iPhone 5S, ever since it went down the drain, I am looking around for replacement.

  14. I am not a fan of compact cameras, in need few lenses and RAW format. DSLRs are too big for me to travel with them, they stay at home. But I fell in love with mirrorless cameras with changeable lenses, They are really small and you can take incredible photos with MSLRs. I am travelling with one from 2 years and I am really happy I don’t have to take DSLR with me 🙂

  15. I’ve heard great things about the Sony! As much as I loved my smartphone and large DSLR, I made the decision last year to also get something smaller for those days where I didn’t want the weight of the larger body—looks like this would be a great choice for travelers!

  16. I’m not surprised you like it, it’s a great camera.

    I recently posted a review of compact cameras for travellers in my blog, and the RX100 III was one of my top three picks. The mark IV is nicer, but a little bit too expensive. The mark III strikes the right balance and is better value for money, I think..

  17. There is no tablet, nor smart phone that could compare to the pictures taken by camera. It’s not about pixels, it’s about lens quality. And the best pictures I took so far were using zoom! But it was not digital zoom at all! 🙂

  18. It wouldv’e been more convenient if you had taken some pictures to to the camera quality and its results.

  19. I’m an avid fan of Sony. its the best brand out there for me.. This one really looks great. I need to get one in the future. 🙂

  20. I have been wanting to have a camera with WiFi. The one I have now is already close to prefect for what I need, just doesn’t have wifi so I still need to transfer the photos everytime Im going to share it. I will be upgrading soon and definitely look for this.

  21. I considered buying this model but ended up with its Canon competitor Canon G7x which I suppose is its equivalent. I agree with the buldgy uneasy feeling when you are carrying a proper DSLR but then again, in today’s world it is all about the photographer and the camera can be handy if you know how to use it 🙂

  22. I have a Canon DSLR, and have had one for a LONG time. I like that you can change lenses to suit your needs and as your skill increases learn to use more features of the camera. Sometimes I don’t like how heavy it is, but I do like having nice pictures! I also like that you can’t use it to take a selfie! LOL!

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