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SKYDIVE IN MISSION BEACH, AUSTRALIA: My Ultimate Bucketlist Adventure


Like most people, I have always wondered what it would be like to fly. Well of recent, I got to fly for the first time, and it wasn’t by riding in an aeroplane. It was by jumping out of one. Very Scary Right?

Skydiving has always been of interest to me; I have always wanted to try skydiving as an instinctive desire to fly. It is one of those adventures that I consider a lifetime experience that I had to give a shot even if it was once in my lifetime.

I have always wanted to do it but never thought that it would be soon (Laughs). Mission Beach, Australia was my number one choice for this lifetime adventure. I have always wanted the beach landing, so I felt Skydiving with an incredible beach view will be a fantastic experience.
Skydiving in australia

For months, I started making plans and saving for the D-Day.  I even told my friends and families to direct my Christmas and birthday gifts towards contributing to my skydiving adventure.

Well, I told myself, if I had to go for this exhilarating jump, it had to be documented and I decided to give all it takes to make it worthwhile.

It costs around $500 AUD to do a 14,000ft jump along with a go pro video to record it.  This is because they do not allow divers to bring their recording video.   The price was steep but as if the universe conspired to make it happen, by some draw of luck, I had won a major raffle price from the Greyhound bus which amounted to $500AUD. Sheer luck you will say?  I consider it a divine blessing. I said to myself, “Karla, you are meant to do this, so go for it, girl.”


Unfortunately, a day before the said schedule, I received an email, informing me of the cancellation of my trip due to bad weather. But because I have always wanted a bright and sunny sky for my first time diving experience, the cancellation did not bother me.

I usually pack my trip from one city to another but this again just confirmed I was meant to do this skydiving because we had several days extra in Cairns.  This was the last stop of my companions. We had a mini reunion with friends whom I met while travelling in Europe, one from America, One from South Africa and One from Australia.  After one whole month, Cairns was going to be our last stop before we parted ways.


Finally, we rescheduled our tour and amazingly, we got the best day ever. Clear blue skies and it was a very pleasant day all together.

We started our trip by being woken up extra early and driving. To get ourselves warm-up for the coming activity, my friend and I started drawing on each other’s hand. Yeah quite childish but it did helped ease some tension and anxiety.


The tour included lunch but because I was concerned that I could throw-up while skydiving, I decided not to eat until after the entire event.

Honestly, Skydiving was the greatest experience I ever had. My tandem master even asked me if I wanted to go first and eagerly, I said yes.  I was so excited. My tandem master was great from the start till the end. Right from the moment, the plane took off; he was reassuring me and watching my back. If I’m honest, there was an occasion on the plane when I got slightly nervous. Well, that’s natural feeling right? 14,000ft jump is not so funny for a first timer.

But anyway, the tandem jump turned out to be very exciting. The duration of the entire jump from the moment we got out of the plane lasted about eight to ten minutes’. It’s such an incredible feeling, the closest you can get to flying!


From high above in the sky, I could behold the beautiful sight of the beautiful beaches and greens, and seemingly endless sphere view of the blue sky. The wind blowing my hair and loudly oozing into my ears was a breath-taking feeling I will never forget in a short while.

My much-loved part was that after the free fall, when the tandem master pulls the Shute, and it’s just paragliding and taking in the view.

skydiving australia mission beach

Wow, I loved my skydiving experience. If I am asked to choose between Bungy and Sky Diving, after my first experience in Mission Beach, Australia!  I am certainly going to choose skydiving over and over again. Skydiving is surely one of the things I would have regretted not doing; not because I overcame some fear, but purely because, for those few minutes, I was able to fulfil my yearning and desire to FLY!

If you are contemplating going for this unforgettable lifetime quest and want to make it a safe and memorable experience you will never forget, then I suggest you try Skydive Cairns and see tropical Queensland from 14,000ft above the Reef. They have over 30 years’ experience and 100% commitment to safety for tandem skydives. You will be assured high levels of safety and service. They’re the only skydive company located in, skydiving over, and landing in Cairns! Check out their hot special prices and packages at


All in all, I had a great, Incredible free-fall moment. It is an experience that I hope to undertake many, many more times and shall never forget. It’s something everybody should try and do once in their lifetime. I assure you that you will not regret it!

Thanking my skydiving master for a great flight
Thanking my skydiving master for a great flight

For those considering undergoing this amazing experience, I will love to give you some tips on what to expect while you are skydiving:

    • You’re instructor will be your lifeline, know that he is an expert in this field and have done this 1000 times before so listen to him.
    • At 8000 feet, your instructor will start the necessary preparations like giving you the pep talk and attaching himself to your harness. At this point, my instructor kept showing me his altitude watch just to prepare me that we are nearly there.
    • I was the first one, so for quite some time, I was hanging out with my hands crossed over my chest until we got to the drop zone. My instructor stepped out of the plane and that was 40-60 seconds of free fall.
    • At a certain point, your instructor will pull the chute, this is when you can enjoy the view. Mine even taught me to how to maneuver the chute left and right. You will be given some time to enjoy the ride.
    • When you are nearing the ground, your instructor will tell you to pull your knees up to your chest and that’s all you have to do. Next thing you know, you’ve landed on the ground and your instructor helps you to get up.

So what are you waiting for! Go on and book one of the most amazing experiences of your lifetime! HAPPY JUMPING!




52 thoughts on “SKYDIVE IN MISSION BEACH, AUSTRALIA: My Ultimate Bucketlist Adventure

  1. This is so cool! HAHAHA! You were fantastic! As a matter of fact, the person behind you while you were on the plane looked more nervous. Great job! Glad you had such an incredible experience!

  2. Superb experience! I am glad you enjoyed and have such an incredible experience. You looked fabulous and the person behind you do look nervous. You were all smiles!

  3. Wow, what an adventure! I’m scared to try this but seeing the video sure makes it look exciting and enticing!

  4. The ultimate gain is the feel that you get through the fall. You would never feel so pumped and excited like that ever again. Atleast not on this scale 🙂

  5. The smile on your face as you are going through this is so inspiring. I think I would love to skydive once I am in the act of doing it, but being in the plane and having to jump out would just be… I COULDN’T! My partner went skydiving once and wants to go back again… I must say that I am a step closer to going after seeing how genuinely happy and excited you looked! Great post and congrats!

  6. Awesome…you seem to have had a gr8 time…lovely pics ☺
    I somehow cant get myself to do it ..lets see maybe someday

  7. Amazing! Definitely a bucket list for me. Looks like you picked an awesome place for your first time. I had always wondered if you have time to enjoy the view or if it just goes by so fast- now I know you do!

  8. This is amazing! I have always been terrified of doing it but you made the experience seem like such an adventure and so safe that you may have changed my mind….maybe! 🙂

  9. I just look at the pictures and I feel scared. I am afraid of flying and of heights and i don’t think i would ever voluntarily jump off a plane. I see you had fun though! 🙂

  10. Hi Karla,

    Wow you’re brave! My wife did sky diving. Fellow brave soul. I’ve stepped into a cage with tigers, have been attacked by wild men and have seen other crazy stuff happen in my life. I’d never sky dive 😉 Thanks for the inspiring share!


  11. OMG, this looks so scary. What a cool girl you are! This is so amazing that you dare to do this and cool that you show it to us. My goodness, I almost got a heart attack reading this, haha. Bravo!

  12. Wow you are so brave! You didn’t even have that moment that you wanted to back out, you are very self-assured. And the view from the top is absolutely amazing. I am not sure if I can do this myself but I’ve always been a try for the sake of trying kind of gal so maybe even if I get really scared I’d still take the plunge. Congratulations on your first sky dive!

  13. You are such a brave fellow! My knees are shaking while looking at your photos and videos. I don’t have fear of heights but man, that looks cool and scary! hehehe

  14. I am so impressed! I bought a sky-dive package once and then chickened out. This makes me wish I had stayed and jumped.

  15. This looks like so much! You are very brave (braver than I)! lol My husband went on his first skydive jump last summer and was ready to do it again as soon as his feet hit the ground?! Crazy! lol

  16. I have a bucket list for Australia, but skydiving.. No way! Even if I want to be like people who say they would try, I can’t even! The earth looks even spherical with that views lol.

  17. Looks amazing! I’d probably be terrified but I know I have to do this before I die. Loved your ‘before’ shots, we hardly get to see those but its great to see the nervous anticipation!

  18. Wow, this looks amazing! I’ve always liked the idea of it but I don’t know whether I could bring myself to do it. It looks like you had an amazing time.

    Ami xxx

  19. Love this. I always wanted to skydive but honestly i’ve been scared, but your experience makes me wanna conquer my fears and do it. Thanks for posting. x

  20. Sky- Diving is one of my dream… I loved Parasailing and next is sky-diving I am waiting for !! Great you made your dream come true..Stay happy..stay adventurous..Thankful to you for sharing those tips and writing everything in detail.. I needed this information… Thanx girl …..
    Mini Noms

  21. The 500AUD seems so worth it! If I have the chance to go to Cairns, I’ll definitely try it. Hopefully before I get old. 😀

  22. I love how Australia offers every outdoor activity possible. I’ve never gone sky diving before but it’s definitely on my bucket list! Not a bad price. For how many minutes were you free falling? I’m happy for you! Must have been an exhilarating experience! Can’t wait to try it out on my own!

  23. Ahhhh! This looks crazy cool! Your pictures are awesome, they totally catch the moment for you. Looks exciting / scary / exhilarating all at the same time xx

  24. I am never going to try this, mainly due to the possibility of falling to my death. My family would never forgive me that for a few minutes of fun, I left them all alone.

  25. Omg! karla I envy you! This soooooo cool and on top of my bucket list. I will really save money to do this! Hoping to do this soon! Waaaaaa i so love this hahahah 🙂

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