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Seattle CityPASS: Getting Around the City’s Tourist Places More Conveniently and Less Costly

Seattle CityPASS karlaroundtheworld

Seattle CityPASS:

What it is:

Seattle CityPASS is a 9-day long ticket booklet to five of Seattle’s best attractions


$64 (per adult); $44 (per child of 4 to 12 years of age)

What you save:

Refer here

Where to get it:

Online, either for getting your voucher via email or your booklet via shipping; or via direct purchase at the attraction (the easiest to do)

Who is it for:

 Anyone who is in Seattle or potentially will be in the place for a definite period of at least 9 days


  • Argosy Harbor Cruise
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Space Needle (valid for 2 entries)
  • Pacific Science Center or Woodland Park Zoo
  • Experience Music Project or The Museum of Flight


  • Saves you some money
  • Allows you to go through any of Seattle’s attractions at your own pace within the validity of your purchased ticket
  • Provides easy access to these tourist places


Visiting Seattle for the first time as a tourist—or even  for your succeeding visits—, I am sure many travelers like me are ecstatic in seeing the city’s best at the least cost possible especially when there’s a way  where you could cut the overall expenses by half—meet CityPASS in Seattle.

Knowing the buzz about Seattle apart from its coffee, I know the place to be a hit among tourists who wanted an experience unique to the city that cannot be seen anywhere else. With the inclusion of many attractions within the city—Argosy Harbor, Seattle Aquarium, Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, etc.—these tourists can never go wrong in choosing this place to spend their precious time for a new experience or even a refreshing visit.

Argosy Harbour Tour cruise answers your need to be cruising through the harbor while learning everything that is significant to the place. IThis one-hour cruise along the Elliot Bay does not only educate you of the beautiful side of the city but also gives you an actual view of what it is all about. Just do not forget to bring with you your camera to capture the scene as well as your sunscreen protection from the sun’s rays.

Had been experienced CityPASS in San Francisco on a cruise in comparison to Seattle’s, I am finding the latter to be an overall better experience.

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium

With just a few short walk from the Argosy Harbor, the Seattle Aquarium is hard to miss if you intend to hop from one attraction to another. For a certain space within Seattle that is host to many of Pacific Northwest’s fascinating underwater creatures which are uncommon to most people in real-time, being in Seattle Aquarium is truly a great experience for people to see. Personally,  the highlight of my visit in the Aquarium is the feeding of the fishes—both big and small alike—and other sea creatures by their caretakers. The icing on the cake however still remains to be the otter show where  they showed their tricks and spoke about the stories behind each one’s rescue.

From the Aquarium we had to board Seattle’s sky train for a fast travel towards our next destinations—the EMP Museum and the Space Needle.

EMP Museum

EMP Museum Seattle
Jimmy Hendrix Exhibit

Literally “Experience Music Project” or EMP, this museum as its name implies is all about music—from a gargantuan 60-inches LED HD screen, to music performances, to guitars, and up to Jimmy Hendrix. There is simply a lot to learn about music here. In my visit to the museum, I liked the Jimmy Hendrix exhibit the most.

Space Needle

Space Needle Seattle
View from the Space Needle

There is nowhere else you can get a better view of the place than at a height that lets you see everything full 360 degrees—the Space Needle is one such platform. Unless you are a person with access to any of Seattle’s towering buildings to see everything around it, then opting for the Space Needle is your likely option in viewing the city at equal, more, or lesser height. It was already afternoon when we reached this place on top so it did not take long for us to reach the latter part of that time period where we went down for a while to pass some time for our second trip up top during the night.

Optional: Garden

Not letting opportunities to post, I visited the garden at the nearby location to where Space Needle stands. However, as there is an event during my time of visit, the Glass House—which, in my opinion, is the prettiest area of the garden—was inaccessible due to a wedding. I was only able to view the area itself from a good visual distance.

Woodland Park Zoo

Having taken only a little of time strolling through the rather disappointing Garden (I was not able to get inside the Glass House because of the event currently in place), I moved into the Woodland Park Zoo where I experienced an ecosystem composed of different flora and fauna you would not normally see apart from the wild.

Space Needle (second visit)

Given CityPASS’ validity of twice entry into the platform at any time, I personally took the liberty of being at the top of the place on two different occasions on the same day—one during the afternoon (previously on the same day) and one during the evening (this second visit). Believe me when I say that the experience between two instances varies significantly—Seattle simply looked differently at night time than at day especially at a height atop the Space Needle.

Trivia: Seattle’s sunset does not happen until midway into the night at around 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM. This can be pretty strange especially for one who was used to seeing the darkness of the night early before 7 PM or earlier every day back in my home country.





55 thoughts on “Seattle CityPASS: Getting Around the City’s Tourist Places More Conveniently and Less Costly

  1. I wish we would also have that here in the Philippines, to make it easier for foreigners to get around the whole of Metropolitan Manila. It’s just that public transport here is not efficient but with the new government, perhaps things could finally get done in reasonable time.

    Getting around on a pass is not only a timesaver, but it makes it easier for visitors to see destinations in an unfamiliar location. Of course there is no more excuse as everything is available online.

    By the way, the scenic view of the city is gorgeous. I always admire skylines. 🙂

  2. I think the pass is worth every penny. I would seriously get one too if I’m there. I won’t miss every opportunity to travel and explore places like this.

  3. City passes are really helpful. When I went to New York before, they also had it. We just didn’t avail since we didn’t have that much time and Manhattan winter was too cold for us. How I wish we also have it in our country. Anyway, if ever I return to the U.S. and have the opportunity to go to Seattle, I’ll surely keep this in mind. -Me-An Clemente of

  4. Sleepless in Seattle! That’s the first thing I remembered when I read your blog and saw the view from the Space Needle. I like Robert’s idea that we should have that here in the Philippines too so tourists would not need experience the hassle of planning where to go in Manila. They can include the traffic in EDSA as part of the tourist experience.
    Kidding aside, that aquarium looks really huge. I hope there are many sea creatures to see there.

  5. It’s always nice to find new ways or have options on how to go around a certain place. Of course, people want something that is affordable and saves time. I like that structure with so many guitars. Looks cool!

  6. This is such a good deal! This makes Seattle very tourist-friendly. I love city passes because they’re convenient & on days when I don’t want to follow my planned itinerary, these city passes will come handy.

  7. Your article is well made and very useful. It’s my dreams to visit the US as much as I can and Seattle is on my list. I didn’t know about the citypass and it’s a very handy thing to know. I don’t find too expensive and it’s a good opportunity to visit the most famous touristic places. The Aquarium and the EMP Museum would have been on my list to visit, good thing for me to visit the other attractions on the citypass

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