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Making Meat Matter More 


Since time immemorial, meat has been one of the most important parts of man’s everyday meal. Over time, we have developed different means of preparation and techniques of cooking. But the quest to perfect the meat dish still continues to this very day. Such is the motivation behind SEARED, a new restaurant that opened doors in Pasig’s bustling Ortigas Center. Setting itself up as the meat-lover’s haven, SEARED seeks to perfect the ancient art of meat preparation and cooking with its mouthwatering offerings.


The restaurant’s menu is pretty diverse, ranging from Mexican-inspired appetizers, to American-style burgers, to Italian pasta, to Asian rice meals, to well-loved local and imported drinks. Speaking of drinks, SEARED’s offerings are also greatly varied. They had a number of creative cocktails and mocktails too. I had Elle, which really appealed to my ginger-drink loving taste. My friend had Kadence, a cucumber-based concoction that is light and easy to drink. If you want something fancier, try the strawberry-yogurt based Love Hurts — it comes served in a lightbulb-shaped glass!



But of course, we didn’t go there just to sip drinks while savoring the unassuming monochrome tones of SEARED. Mind you, the mostly black/gray/brown accents didn’t give off the vibes of a posh restaurant. But that’s only before your meal is served. Then you realize the real star of the show.seared-ortigas


For appetizers, my friend and I tried the Cowabunga and the Mac & Cheese. We also ordered the Nacho Libre. These were just appetizers, but they already teased our palate with the main course. The Cowabunga’s taco cups were filled with high-quality wagyu beef. The same wagyu beef chili was sprinkled atop the nachos.



When the burgers came, our expectations had already skyrocketed — and we weren’t disappointed. We ordered multiple kinds. There’s the Bacon Mushroom Melt, which I must say was my ultimate favorite of the lot. The sharp cheddar complemented the wagyu beef and smoked bacon perfectly. There’s the Classic Cheeseburger, and the Bleu Cheeseburger — both interesting variations on the regular kinds. Another amazing creation was a burger called “Malcolm’s X”, aside from the typical bacon and mushrooms, there’s also fried eggs added to the mix. The taste elicits that feeling of guilty indulgence that you get when you know you’re breaking bounds.

The restaurant isn’t a one-hit wonder, either. Its proprietors had anticipated the response from the meat-loving niche they are trying to fill, and have created platters for big groups. Chief among them is the aptly-named “Godfather” — chops, burgers, and ribs, all in one!


SEARED has achieved its mission. Its ideal location and non-distracting trappings make it an ideal place to meat — ahem, meet — for an afternoon of fine meals. The food is no less than fantastic, true to its claim of being a place where “meat is king”. And yes, you get that posh feel too as soon as you set eyes on the food. See that stylized “S” sear on your meal? That’s their symbol of quality. Maybe they have done mankind a service by finally completing the quest of meat perfection.

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11 thoughts on “Seared

  1. Everything looks so delicious! I really shouldn’t read food related articles when I’m hungry! I could devour the Cowabunga and Mac and Cheese right about now!

  2. This sounds like quite the place! My meat-loving husband would go to town on that burger. I think the taco cups look adorable! I was waiting to see what meat-themed dessert they had! Ha!

  3. That is interesting how they are trying and perfecting the art of cooking different cuisines.
    I have never seen a burger/bread beaked with logo of company. The food pics are yummy and I am hungry. 🙂

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