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Where to stay in El Nido: Sea Cocoon Hotel


There are a wide variety of hotels and huts to stay in while vacationing in the popular Philippine tourist spot, El Nido, but if you’re looking around for a place to stay temporarily, you might want to check out the Sea Cocoon Hotel in El Nido Palawan. Here’s why:


1.) Quality rooms


The Sea Cocoon Hotel just so happens to take pride in providing their guests, whether they be touring or on business, good quality rooms which are comfortable and clean. The rooms possess all of the basic amenities of a typical hotel such as cabinets, televisions, mirrors, and bathrooms. There are also a variety of rooms to choose from, so you can pick one depending on the amount of people you have with you. The cabinets in the rooms are quite well designed as well, so we had all of our things laid out in a chaotic but at the same time, organised manner. Never have I seen our room so “neat” in those three days we stayed there. Gosh, I loved how everything was laid out well but at the same time, not cluttered.

The Magic Cabinet

2.) Near various tourist spots


Another benefit of the Sea Cocoon Hotel is that it is near many various tourist spots, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of transporting yourself around the El Nido area for hours and hours on end. Instead, you have the ability to enjoy your day while ending up back to your hotel room for some much needed rest and relaxation whenever you so please.

3.) Various amenities

This hotel also provides its guests with lots of amenities in order to make the stay all the more enjoyable. There are strong air conditioners, cups, water, outlets, and even a swimming pool if you don’t feel like heading out to the beaches and would like to just stay in and relax every now and then. If you’d rather not be disconnected, don’t worry because the hotel boasts a strong cellular signal for your phones as well as free wifi for your browsing and searching needs. What’s more, if you haven’t booked a tour yet or have had yours cancelled, no need to worry because the Sea Cocoon Hotel also gives you the option to book organised tours from the hotel itself, you can go island hopping or if you’d prefer, canopy tours around beautiful El Nido.

Audrey, Timmy and I had a blast just chilling by the pool. There are even chairs where you can lay to just relax. Timmy was so relaxed that she actually fell asleep.

4.) Hospitality

My Friends acting silly— having fun

The staff of the hotel greet you with cheery smiles and faces, and are always ready to assist you when needed. The reception desk just so happens to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you need not worry about any of your comments falling on deaf ears- simply head to the reception desk for any requests and/or inquiries.

Take note, that there happens to be a 1000 peso deposit per person when you first check into the hotel- or you may opt to leave your passport with the staff instead. We, personally, opted for the 1000 peso per head option. We went with 2 friends, so all in all we were three persons. We loved the breakfast buffet, the location, as well as the cozy couch located in the lobby.

The pool area was also really helpful- on our first day staying in the hotel and in El Nido we decided to just chill by the poolside.

The location really is lovely, and is made all the more lovely by the fact that it is close to everywhere- all major tourist spots as well as small shops and stores.

If you want to know more about the sights and sounds of the amazing El Nido, Palawan, then feel free to click on the links down below to find more about things such as tours and popular attractions- El Nido is a crowd favourite for a reason, after all.

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