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Save My Bag in Ayala the 30th!

Save My Bag Ayala 30th

For everyone who knows me, you’d know how much I just love splashes of colors.  My life is always a blur and whir of colors when I travel, work, or go out with friends. This is why I think Save My Bag is the perfect bag that matches my style.

Save My Bag is made in Bergamo, Italy. It was born from the creative and fashionable minds of Italian Stefano and half-Italian and half-Thai Valentina Agazzi back in 2013. They started out by creating only waterproof bag covers for designer bags, but because people started flaunting their bag covers even when they went out, Save My Bag launched its own line of bags afterwards. Their bags are now sold all over the world—40 countries, and still counting! Their next stop will surely delight all stylish Filipinos. They are now available here in the Philippines at Ayala the 30th Mall in Pasig City.

Save My Bag Ayala 30th

What I love about their bags is its super lightweight design. They are made from their own Poly-Fabric with Lycra material, which is a bit thick but soft and noticeably lighter than neoprene. They are easy to carry around especially for long walks and travels. We even tried to fit in my everyday essentials like my camera, powerbank, facepowder and lipstick. Amazingly, everything fit. I am very impressed!

Save My Bag Ayala 30th

I also think that it’s the best bag for me, because I am always on the go, and I have a habit of placing my bag everywhere. The bag is known to be very durable and weatherproof. The bag can actually be washed too! So you can make it look brand new again if it gets dirty.

The bag designs are all bold and stylish. Since I enjoy safaris so much, I got my eye set on the leopard print sling bag. It’s fashionable, fierce, and absolutely me. I’m very excited to bring my Save My Bag along in my travels. No doubt it will match my OOTD’s and make great eye-catching accessories for every photo.

Save My Bag Ayala 30th

They have so many bag styles to choose from: a handbag, sling bag, shoulder bag, tote bag, clutch, travel pouch and a whole lot more. And did I mention that you could also customize the strap, chains, and charms of the bag too? You can give your Save My Bag a fresh, new, and unique look anytime you want.

Save My Bag Milano

Save My Bag is definitely a welcome fashion brand in the Philippines. Their colorful designs and unique prints are sure to become a staple wherever I go and in whatever I do. It’s light, fashionable, and can fit my everyday must-haves. Now that’s the perfect bag for me! Pop on over to Save My Bag’s colorful and unique store in Ayala the 30th Mall. It’s the bright pink shop with gorgeous bas on display—you can’t miss it. I’m sure that you’ll find a bag that’s perfect for you too!

Save My Bag Ayala 30th

Save My Bag Philippines

Store Location:   G/F Ayala the 30th Mall, Pasig City

Operating Hours:         11AM – 9PM


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